Expect Excellence from Your Locum Tenens Staffing Partner

Staff on the phoneIt doesn’t matter if you’re boosting personnel in anticipation of a patient census increase or addressing unexpected staffing voids, contracting with locum tenens agencies allows healthcare administrators the flexibility to maintain staffing levels that deliver a continuity of care. However, keeping quality patient care at the forefront is exactly why hospitals, outpatient centers, and multi-specialty private practice groups should accept nothing less than excellence from their locum tenens staffing partner.

The question then becomes, how is excellence defined or measured? The answer is multi-fold – everything from vetting providers to consistently delivering on customer service. Here’s a snapshot of what embodies excellence in locum tenens, or as we say at All Star Healthcare Solutions, a dedication to “Red Carpet” Service.

NALTO Membership
Members of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) operate under an industry consensus of various standards, including (but not limited to) how to handle dispute mediations. Partnering with a NALTO-member agency assures you are coordinating with an organization that’s committed to an identifiable and defined set of ethics.

Provider Vetting
A commitment to excellence obliges staffing companies to qualify candidates before presenting them for your consideration. This step ensures providers’ skills match your clinical needs, and that no surprises pop up that could delay their start date and leave you with an empty position.

At All Star, we internally credential each provider and work alongside your in-house credentialing professionals to secure hospital privileges and seek answers for any questions, so our clinicians can start caring for your patients as soon as possible.

Reliable and Frequent Communication
It’s not unusual for healthcare facilities to seek candidates from multiple agencies. The distinguishing factor between companies oftentimes is determined by responsiveness — like any good relationship, communication is key. Returning calls or emails in a prompt manner may seem like a minor element, but when you’re crunched to fill a position, being reassured you’ll be able to speak with a consultant who can help solve that staffing issue makes all the difference.

A Service Orientation
More than just checking off the necessities associated with placing locum tenens providers, a committed locum tenens partner fosters a long-term relationship with your facility. Agencies help strategize solutions to ongoing staffing demands as well as help identify and plan for future scenarios.

For example, if your hospital is growing, working with a trusted locum tenens company can ease the transition while you search for permanent staff. If your facility historically incurs a jump in patient census during the winter months, your locum tenens partner can aid in securing additional clinicians months in advance. All Star is a full-service organization capable of partnering with facilities on both short-term and direct-hire recruitment needs.

At All Star, we define excellence as our “Red Carpet” Service, a promise to go above and beyond for our clients and providers on every step of their locum tenens journey.

If you would like to learn more about All Star’s “Red Carpet” Service, call 800-928-0229 to speak with one of our dedicated consultants or contact us online.