Benefits of Taking Locum Tenens Assignment in Rural Areas

HOSPITAL road signWhether you choose to take locum tenens jobs as a way to explore the country, treat different patient populations, try out new practice settings, or supplement your income, assignments in rural locations check all of those boxes.

Furthermore, locums physicians and advanced practitioners who step in at rural healthcare facilities are giving a potentially life-changing gift to the community. It is no secret that hospitals and other facilities off the beaten path often struggle to retain adequate coverage. Your presence means underserved patients can receive the quality care they deserve but may otherwise need to go without.

Rural assignments are a win-win-win for providers, patients, and facilities. Here, we highlight some of the personal and professional benefits of taking them:

Connections with patients. Lower populations typically mean fewer patients to treat each day. In those situations, you can make the most of that slower pace by taking your time with each patient, really getting to know them, and making a connection. This rewarding benefit is not always possible in faster-paced settings.

Recreational pursuits. Fewer patients also means more down time, which gives you a chance to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. You are likely to find beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures, such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or camping, depending on the area.

 Reduced risk of burnout. When you combine all of the above – slower pace, more personal time, new patient populations, and autonomy – you have the perfect recipe to reduce the risk of burnout. Adding some rural assignments in between contracts in larger cities may be “just what the doctor ordered.”

Financial benefits. Not only is the demand high for physicians and advanced practitioners in rural areas, but the cost of living is usually low. Apart from the compensation you will receive working locum tenens, you will likely spend less on things like entertainment, food, and other expenses, which can mean significant savings.

Impactful experiences. As a physician or advanced practitioner situated in a rural practice setting, you will be playing a vital role in the community – providing quality, compassionate care people need and deserve. Prepare to make new relationships, receive gratitude, feel a sense of purpose, and maybe even be invited home for dinner.

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