Working Locums Enables You to Explore New Interests

Working Locums Enables You to Explore New InterestsIn a recent Psychology Today article, the author theorizes that we all experience bouts of weariness with the status quo. We cycle through periods when we crave change or “new horizons.” In many ways, that is what locum tenens can accomplish for healthcare providers. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified registered nurse anesthetists who accept temporary positions in new facilities located in communities near and far place themselves in a position to discover new co-workers, new patient populations, and perhaps even new procedures or techniques. Even the occasional locum tenens assignment offers a break from the status quo and the chance to refresh your perspective.

On a personal level, locum tenens jobs also present opportunities to explore various hobbies and interests. In fact, why not use short-term assignments to try out new experiences you may not have access to and/or the free time to incorporate into your homelife? Use the circumstances to mark off a bucket list entry or simply to do something different because you can.

We compiled a list of activities that may not automatically come to mind when spending time outside but could become your new favorite activities while doing locum tenens. None of the pastimes require previous experience nor large equipment investments, and each can be done in almost any community.

This hobby made the list because observing creatures of flight requires individuals to slow down and be mindful in the moment. The practice can be relaxing after a busy shift. Plus, there are more than 2,000 species of birds native to North America. When you travel to different parts of the country, you are likely to encounter a variety of feathered friends different than those typically seen flying around your hometown.

For some people, there’s something therapeutic about baiting a hook and casting a line, then waiting to see if a fish bites. Indeed, the fluid motions of fly fishing are almost akin to a ballet. If a locums assignment brings you near a river, lake, or coastline, devote a free morning or afternoon to trying your luck with fishing. Many municipalities sell one-day licenses, and sporting goods stores rent rods. In fact, open-water fishing boats typically have all the gear you will need stored on board.

While hiking may be a regular go-to outdoor exercise for a lot of people, being in a new area invites you to explore trails that offer a distinctive environment. Even city walking trails present a variety of scenes that are unique to that community. While you are out on the nature trails, conduct your own wildlife survey, observing and counting the plant, insect, and animal life. Some conservancy and forestry organizations welcome citizens’ input.

Horseback Riding
You don’t have to be an expert equestrian to enjoy an outing on horseback. Find a local stable that’s open to the public to book a morning or evening ride. Seeing a landscape from atop of the majestic animal offers a fresh perspective.

Bike Riding
When is the last time you hopped on a bike for the day? It’s great cardio exercise and an engaging mode of transportation to explore a community. Bike rentals have become a mainstay in many cities and offer the choice between traditional pedal power and e-bikes. These models provide a little electrical assist, making the experience more pleasure than work.

Sunrises and Sunsets
Find a peaceful spot where you can watch either the sunrise or sunset. Marking the beginning or end of the day with a one-of-a-kind sky portrait can reset one’s mood. Star gazing is another relaxing and inspiring activity. Locum tenens contracts in the countryside provide a brighter nighttime canvas than a sky dotted by city lights.

Don’t just take a walk through a park in your temporary neighborhood, play a game. Cities all over the country have built handball and pickleball courts into their recreational sites. Paddles don’t take up a lot of suitcase space if you want to bring your own, and it’s a great game to work up a sweat. Another fun option is disc golf. Check out the city’s park and recreation department’s website to see if there’s a course nearby, and whether discs are available to rent.

Garden Harvest
The popular farm-to-table movement has encouraged cooks to get more connected to food sources. In addition to shopping at farmers markets, inquire with co-workers if there are nearby farms where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables. If you are more into tasting than prepping meals, sign up for a walking tour of local eateries. These food expeditions typically include a retelling of historical tidbits and local lore.

Sporting Events
You don’t have to be a player to enjoy an evening at the ballpark, football field, or hockey rink. Join the local crowd for minor league games or high school sports. Tickets are far more affordable than the pros, but the competitive spirit is just as fierce and loyal.

Other activities also worth noting include antiquing (some shops will ship items for a fee), home and garden tours, or even renting a dream sports car for a day to live it up. Incorporating locum tenens opportunities into both your professional and personal lives can open the door to any number of new experiences and interests. Satisfying that itch for discovery is yet another tool to battle burnout and uplift your outlook.

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