6 Hobbies to Consider While on Locum Tenens Assignments

6 Hobbies to Consider While on Locum Tenens Assignments

Did you know Ryan Gosling, Tom Daley, and Russell Crowe are known knitters? Manny Pacquiao joins a band of famous athletes who like to pick up a guitar, including Tua Tagovailoa, and Nick Swisher. And Taylor Swift gets crafty. Each of these superstars knows that personal hobbies help them to relax and de-stress from busy lives that oftentimes include a lot of traveling. Locum tenens also involves traveling to facilities in need of additional physicians and advanced practitioners. Having a hobby that can tag along is a great way to unwind and help keep burnout at bay.

What if you don’t have a favorite pastime or you can’t pack up your preferred hobby? Perhaps it’s time to try something new. The following hobbies are not only easy to take on the road to locum tenens jobs, but they’ve also been highlighted by the Healthcare Communications Network as having beneficial outcomes for doctors. Check them out to see if any grab your interest or curiosity.

  • Knitting and Crocheting
    Knitting needles, crochet hooks, and a skein of yarn take up minimal space in a suitcase but offer maximum relaxation and an outlet for creativity (there’s more to the craft than just making blankets or scarves). While on locum tenens assignments, look into local knitting clubs or classes at recreation centers. These resources are great for beginners or if you want to up your knitting game by learning from others.Benefit: The repetitious pattern assumes a meditative behavior and requires dexterity along with hand-eye coordination.
  • Creating Art
    You don’t have to be a Picasso or Pollack to enjoy the process of putting paint to canvas, pencil to sketch pad, or exploring any portable artistic medium. Off-duty hours away from the distractions of home life create the time and space to indulge your inner artist. Oftentimes, city programs or universities invite the public to sign up for lessons in a variety of media if you’re looking to experiment.Benefit: Activities such as painting or drawing are an exercise for fine motor skills.
  • Playing an Instrument
    Many instrument cases can be safely checked in for flights. Add headphones and laptops with audio software and you have a virtual touring studio. There are plenty of how-to videos for beginning musicians you can pull up from anywhere. If you’ve been playing for years and are willing to go on stage, ask around about venues that host amateur nights. If you’d rather enjoy the caliber of professional musicians, search online for local performing arts calendars.Benefit: Playing music releases endorphins, which helps brighten moods.
  • Writing
    Whether you like to journal your experiences, dabble in poetry, or haven’t written an essay since college, expressing your thoughts and ideas in written form can be cathartic and stimulating. Grab your laptop or tablet, or go old-school with pen and paper, and just start writing. If you’re more interested in developing a certain style or genre, log onto the community library website to see if they’ve invited authors or journalists to share their expertise at gatherings open to the public.Benefit: Writing down your thoughts after work and before sleep is an effective bedtime routine to encourage restful slumber.
  • Comedy
    Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Want to be the one making others laugh? Sign up for online instruction or study others at comedy clubs in person and on streaming specials. Then test out your material. In fact, it may be easier to get up in front of a crowd of strangers than telling jokes with familiar faces in the audience.Benefit: According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter stimulates organs and, over time, improves the immune system.
  • Cooking
    Seize the opportunity to master culinary skills from professionals. Research restaurants in the area of your assignment to see if chefs conduct classes. Some park and recreation departments also host cooking classes. If you’d rather test your kitchen knowledge in private, pull up videos to walk you through the steps of making your favorite restaurant dishes. Many housing options, such as extended-stay hotels, offer fully stocked kitchens.Benefit: The culinary arts encourage self-expression and exploration, plus eating your work is one of the best ways to accomplish a goal.

Locum tenens jobs offer physicians and advanced practitioners the opportunity to experience different practice styles at various healthcare facilities. Locum tenens jobs also offer providers the chance to break out of the ordinary — try new hobbies and gain new experiences. Who knows what activities you’ll find intriguing?

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