National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day: Adopting or Fostering a Shelter Pet During Self-Isolation

Collage of dogs and catsMany of our All Star family members, clients, providers, and people in our community are the proud pet owners of shelter/rescue pets. In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and during a time when many of us are working from or staying at home, we hope you will find the following information helpful if you are thinking about adopting or fostering a shelter pet.

In addition to minimizing feelings of loneliness and isolation, caring for an animal in need of love and a good home is incredibly rewarding, can reduce stress, and is good for your heart. Additionally, if you have been considering adoption, fostering – or taking in a cat or dog (or bird, rabbit, etc.) to nurture until they can be placed in a permanent home – it could help you gauge whether a “forever” pet is something you can manage once you return to the workplace.


  1. When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you help to lower demand for puppies from puppy mills, where dogs are kept in terrible conditions.
  2. Many shelter pets are already vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered, which can save you time and money on appointments with the veterinarian.
  3. You save two lives for the price of one! In addition to saving the life of the animal you adopt, you also free up a spot in the shelter for another animal who needs it.


  1. Animals who might be struggling at a shelter will have the opportunity to shine in their foster home, revealing their true personality and increasing their chances of attracting an adopter.
  2. If you are considering adoption down the road, fostering now gives you the chance test out different breeds and ages of animals, to see what best matches your lifestyle.
  3. “Fostering saves an animal’s life and enriches the foster family’s life as well,” says Nichole Dandrea, a spokesperson for Best Friends Animal Society, a national nonprofit pet rescue and advocacy organization that is leading the charge in eliminating dog and cat euthanasia.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting an animal, search here for Best Friends’ network partners near you, or contact local shelters and rescue pet programs in your area.

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is observed each year on April 30 to raise awareness for the millions of animals in shelters across the country awaiting their forever homes.