All Star Healthcare Solutions Offers Facilities Multifaceted Services

All Star Healthcare Solutions Offers Facilities Multifaceted Services

The relationship between a staffing agency and hospitals, clinics, healthcare systems, or private group practices historically operated off an “as needed” basis. When positions open up, facilities reach out for either locum tenens providers to temporarily fill gaps or direct-hire candidates for a more permanent solution. The enduring physician shortage, however, has revealed the potential for an even more collaborative relationship. All Star Healthcare Solutions is ready and available to complement facilities’ needs on multiple levels. Here are just a few examples of how we can advance your staffing goals.

1. Increase workforce diversity
Healthcare employers often rely on conventional talent pipelines for new clinicians, such as local medical schools and residency programs. However, the American Medical Association cited increased focus on workforce diversity as a priority. All Star can be an invaluable resource for facilities seeking to develop a staff that reflects the multicultural representation of the communities they serve. Our Locums and Direct-Hire Divisions form relationships with providers who present a variety of backgrounds, skills, and experiences.

If your patient population would benefit from bi- or multilingual healthcare professionals, we can highlight that in the screening process. If your facility serves specific populations, we can seek providers who have personal and/or professional experience with that group’s culture, including understanding their values toward medical care. By partnering with All Star, the talent pipeline naturally becomes more inclusive.

2. Access to specialists
The physician shortage has exposed the fact that facilities everywhere are challenged to recruit and retain high-demand specialists, especially smaller, more rural hospitals. Without local physicians to deliver necessary care, people may be forced to travel significant distances to find specialists. All Star’s Locums Division can serve as a bridge between need and a facility’s ability to attract staff specialists. Temporary assignments enable facilities to provide high-quality care with more convenience, thereby fostering stronger community bonds. Plus, arranging for recurring assignments with specialists encourages greater continuity of care.

Small hospitals aren’t the only employers challenged to recruit high-demand specialists. Larger facilities in urban locations also compete for these highly qualified physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). All Star’s Direct-Hire Division can assist organizations in identifying candidates within hard-to-fill specialties.

3. Pre-screen candidates
Not only do we credential all locum tenens physicians and advanced practice providers for education, professional history, and general background information, but we also vet them for culture fit. Are they amenable to your call duty schedule? Does their availability match the days/weeks for which you require locums coverage? Will they enjoy your urban or rural or suburban community? Considering these intangibles makes for a better fit for both healthcare organization and provider, and can save hospital recruiters time and resources.

All Star Direct-Hire consultants also qualify individuals before presenting them as candidates. We get to know them beyond their CVs — what they desire in their next job; if/where they are hoping to relocate; what they set as their professional goals. Delving into these personal aspects assists us in introducing them to like-minded employers.

4. Address short- and long-term needs
Managing staffing needs commands a degree of adaptability by employers. While vacations and family leave may prompt many requests for time off, individuals also may wish to take a sabbatical to pursue additional training or conduct research. Military reservists may need to leave the facility to fulfill service requirements. Providers ask for months off to volunteer for medical missions. Accommodating long-term requests can promote employee satisfaction, and thus encourage retention.

At the same time, unexpected, immediate situations can pop up, such as a provider falling ill or sustaining an injury that necessitates time off. Under all these circumstances, continuity of care demands positions be filled. All Star’s extensive network of physicians, NPs, PAs, and CRNAs enables us to respond to your facility’s staffing conditions in a time frame that meets your schedule.

5. Plan for the future
There are many factors that decide why and when facilities seek additional clinical support: the organization is expanding services; an aging workforce means a convergence of retirements; or seasonal illnesses drive up patient census. As a full-service agency, All Star’s Locums and Direct-Hire Divisions coordinate efforts to fill your open positions, such as confirming locum tenens dates in advance while recruitment efforts get underway.

To discuss all the ways All Star Healthcare Solutions can address your facility’s unique staffing needs, call 800-928-0229 to speak with a consultant from either our Locums or Direct-Hire Division, or contact us online.