Partnering with All Star Healthcare Solutions Supports In-house Recruiters

Partnering with All Star Healthcare Solutions Supports In-house Recruiters

The World Health Organization characterizes burnout as a condition that stems from a chronic workplace stress with an emphasis on three key indicators:

    • Loss of energy or sense of exhaustion
    • Increased feelings of detachment or negativity toward the job
    • Reduction in professional productivity

Much has been written about burnout among physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified registered nurse anesthetists. However, many other professionals also incur the sting of stress on the job. For example, facility-based healthcare recruiters have reported experiencing a high level of burnout symptoms right along with their clinical co-workers, due in part to the prolonged physician shortage.

Because facilities require more medical personnel, the competition among hospitals, clinics, health systems, and other healthcare organizations for physicians and advanced practitioners is greater than ever. Thusly, the workload for in-house recruiters has multiplied in recent years, as recorded by numerous surveys. For healthcare facilities and recruiters, a key advantage to easing the process and producing effective results comes from incorporating All Star Healthcare Solutions into your staffing strategy.

All Star Shares the Workload
Engaging All Star means adding our knowledgeable consultants to your team. Whether for locum tenens jobs or direct-hire opportunities, we carry out many of the preliminary steps in the recruitment process, such as initiating contact with individuals who fit your candidate profile. We expand your talent pools through our ever-growing roster of vetted clinicians. Delegating these steps to All Star frees up your recruiters to turn their attention toward other responsibilities.

All Star Offers Expertise
Both our locums and direct-hire consultants work within teams dedicated to specific medical specialties. They are a valuable resource, well-versed in clinical skillset qualifications, which leads to more effective and efficient communications between All Star and your facility, as well as All Star and providers.

All Star Saves Time
From the moment a direct-hire job opens to the moment your newly hired physician or advanced practitioner onboards and begins treating patients, months have passed, typically with a lot of back-and-forth communication between your recruiters and candidates. The process of collecting CVs, identifying qualified providers, and arranging interviews is only the beginning. There is also obtaining documents for vetting and credentialing and speaking with references. All Star streamlines many of these steps. For example, our consultants review CVs for you, assessing individuals for clinical skills and workplace culture fit.

When in need of locum tenens providers for long- or short-term contracts, All Star consultants also present physicians and advanced practitioners who uniquely match your prerequisites — availability for assignment dates, licensure status, and any additional requirements. Our Medical Staff Services experts assist in credentialing providers to obtain hospital privileges.

What’s more, All Star consultants are dedicated to delivering our signature “Red Carpet” Service, a commitment to go beyond the expected as our standard. Whether in the midst of a direct-hire process or in need of locum tenens providers, All Star is your go-to contact. We make sure all parties stay abreast of developments, respond to requests in a timely fashion, and answer questions.

All Star is a Full-Service Agency
Not only does All Star Healthcare Solutions offer both direct-hire and locum tenens services, but our divisions collaborate with each other to meet your facility’s specific, or changing, staffing needs. Our relationship-building, consultative approach means All Star gets to know your representatives, what sets your organization apart, and becomes a valuable ally to your physician and advanced practitioner in-house recruitment team.

To find out more about All Star’s “Red Carpet” Service, call one of our locums or direct-hire consultants at 800-928-0229 or contact us online.