5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Locum Tenens Locations

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Locum Tenens LocationsAgreeing to locum tenens jobs is agreeing to temporarily take your practice to a new facility in a different town, possibly in a different state. For a lot of people, that is one of the key benefits to the career alternative. As a locum tenens professional, you have the unique opportunity to travel to places large and small, far and near. Even better, you live and work in the community, which delivers a personal perspective not available to most vacationers.

Keep in mind, however, prioritizing locales for locum tenens assignments involves a much different strategy than planning leisure trips. Check out the following recommendations for deciding which locum tenens assignment locations will meet your needs and goals.

Understand Demand Determines Opportunities

Hospitals, clinics, medical groups, and other healthcare organizations work with All Star Healthcare Solutions to fill staffing gaps, so locums tenens jobs reflect those demands. That said, All Star partners with facilities of all sizes in all types of communities across the country, so there are a variety of assignment opportunities. Your recruiter will seek to present contracts that meet or come close to your destination choices, but remaining open to other locations expands your locums possibilities, too.

Set Assignment Priorities

In addition to location, you’ll be asked to consider facility size, shift schedule, on-call duty requirements, patient population, and procedures common to a possible locum tenens job. The value you attach to each criterion could change with each opportunity depending on the specifics or how the assignment fits into your schedule, for example. Plus, the importance of each factor could change depending on the opportunity. For instance, are you willing to accommodate a small — or busy — facility if the contract places you in a preferred location? Maintaining a degree of flexibility with all factors will broaden the parameters by which your consultant can match you to contracts.

Research Communities

It’s one thing to look into various vacation destinations where you will be a visitor for a short time. It’s another thing to live and work in a community for weeks, or even months, that you haven’t experienced before. Researching the location, including its amenities, proximity to other cities, geographical highlights, and other worthwhile tidbits empowers you to make an informed decision about each locum tenens job. Note: It’s helpful to investigate typical weather patterns for assignment dates.

Ask for Personal Impressions

All Star consultants collect a wide range of assignment details, but hearing about a clinical setting or community environment from someone who has worked there before offers a more personal perspective. Some locum tenens professionals are willing to share their thoughts with peers. Ask your recruiter if that’s an option. Also, maybe volunteer to be the one with whom others can inquire about facility and community details.

Consider Repeat Assignments

Practicing in a variety of locations introduces you to an interesting collection of communities. Along the way, you may develop a fondness for certain cities or towns, or the people living in them. Inform your consultant if you’d like to return to a specific location or facility for future locum tenens jobs.

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