Why CRNAs are Well Matched for Locum Tenens

Why CRNAs are Well Matched for Locum Tenens

All Star Healthcare Solutions wishes all certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) a very happy National CRNA Week, January 22 -28, 2023. Thank you for delivering high-quality care every day!

From Civil War battlefields to 21st century surgical theaters, nurse anesthetists have served as pivotal members of the healthcare team for generations. Today’s CRNAs fill a number of roles, including that of locum tenens providers. Indeed, calls for your skill set rank among the highest for locum tenens needs based on numerous reasons, as noted below by two of our recruiters who specialize in placing CRNAs on short- and long-term assignments.

Broad Skill Spectrum
“It’s impressive how CRNAs do so many different things within one specialty. Of course, they anesthetize people for surgery, but there are so many other ways of using their skills, too,” says Asa Pepia, Locums consultant.

According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA), CRNAs administer more than 50 million medications each year. What’s more, CRNAs practice across multiple specialties, from a plethora of surgical procedures to obstetrics to pain management and even dentistry.

Expanding Staff Models
Demand for CRNAs continues to climb as hospitals, surgical centers, and other healthcare organizations strive to meet patient demand, including dealing with the remaining backlog from the pandemic when non-emergency procedures were postponed.

“Depending on their team model, facilities may have an anesthesiologist on staff but want to have four CRNAs working, too. They contact us for supplemental help, which gives us more opportunities to find locum tenens possibilities for our providers,” says Gabrielle Hussey, a Locums senior consultant.

Choice of Location
Locum tenens jobs exist across the country and in diverse communities. However, the greatest number of calls for CRNAs comes from smaller community hospitals. The AANA reports that CRNAs account for more than 80 percent of anesthesia specialists in rural healthcare facilities.

“We do see a lot of locums opportunities in rural areas, but we also work with facilities in large cities that have multiple needs, like a new group coming in that needs to be staffed,” says Hussey.

Long-term Presence
Each locum tenens contract is customized to address the needs of the facility, which means some jobs last a few days and others run a few months. Our recruiters say a majority of CRNA positions tend to span several weeks at least, and more often than not, are planned months in advance, allowing individuals to strategize their own schedules.

“There are so many options for them right now,” says Pepia. “Some providers are working contracts that are six months or nearly a year. That allows people to feel like the facility is a new professional home.”

Hussey adds, “Plus, a large percentage of our clients request to extend assignments.”

All Star’s “Red Carpet” Service
CRNAs partnering with All Star Healthcare Solutions find our recruiters become their most resolute advocates throughout the locum tenens journey. Consultants are committed to going above and beyond the expected, delivering our signature “Red Carpet” Service at every interaction.

“When our providers go on an assignment, we want them focused on their job and clinical responsibilities and trust that we are taking care of any other issues that may come up,” says Hussey.

“That support and responsiveness is not just on the consultant side,” says Pepia. “Providers see it from all of our All Star teams, including Online Services, Credentialing, Licensing, and Travel. We work together to get them ready for their assignments as soon as possible.”

Personal Connections
Both Hussey and Pepia agree that one of the best parts of their job is the relationships they build with providers.

“In addition to discussing possible locum tenens matches, we talk about sports, family, pets, and other topics, and text back and forth,” says Pepia. “I really value them and appreciate that they’ve chosen a staffing agency they trust.”

“There are quite a few providers I’ve been working with for years and we really get to know each other. I love that opportunity to have a personal touch. They share elements of their lives and I share my experiences, like true friends that we become,” Hussey concurs. “It makes the whole experience more genuine.”

If you are a CRNA interested in learning more about locum tenens, contact any of our expert consultants today. Call 800-928-0229, or contact us online.