What You Should Expect from a Healthcare Staffing Company

All Star Movie FrameWhether you are a physician, NP, PA, or CRNA looking for job opportunities or a facility representative in search of providers to fill staffing gaps, there are certain things you should expect from the staffing company you partner with.

A good staffing firm’s overarching goal should be to make your life easier, by increasing your options, relieving your administrative burdens, and walking you through the process every step of the way. The best do all those things while making your satisfaction their number one priority. Here, we highlight four things you should expect when working with a reputable healthcare staffing company.

  1. Continuous improvement. The best staffing companies are always looking for ways to improve. At All Star Healthcare Solutions℠, for example, we recently solicited feedback from our clients and providers through ClearlyRated, which helps businesses capture this information in the form of ratings and testimonials from those they serve. Not only did All Star receive their Best of Staffing Awards for Client Satisfaction and Talent Satisfaction, with a Net Promoters® Score of 83 percent from our clients and 86 percent from our clinicians (significantly higher than the industry average of 28 percent in 2020), we also received valuable feedback that we use to continuously improve our “Red Carpet” Service model.
  1. Support every step of the way. Providers and clients should be paired with a specialty-specific consultant/a recruiter with knowledge in a given area of expertise who is available 24/7. Your consultant or representative should serve as your liaison/point of contact. You should also inquire about any unique measures a staffing company has in place to underscore its commitment to quality patient care. All Star, for instance, has a Physician Advisory Board comprised of distinguished, independent, highly skilled providers. Its members perform file review consults, provide updates of any new and revised process changes in their specialties, and make recommendations for the best practices and policies to achieve optimal patient outcomes.
  1. Full-service solutions. Full-service staffing companies provide more than one option to help providers and clients achieve their goals. For example, All Star’s Locums and Perm Divisions work together cohesively toward a common goal, so you don’t have to switch from one company to another to find the best candidates or jobs you seek. The company is uniquely situated to provide custom solutions, whether they involve locums tenens, permanent staffing, or locum-to-perm opportunities.
  1. NALTO membership. Staffing companies that join the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) are required to abide by several ethical standards, including requesting a provider’s permission before submitting his or her CV to a client and representing job opportunities accurately. NALTO is committed to a code of ethics and maintaining the highest industry standards. Established in 2001, it remains the only professional association of temporary physician staffing firms.

To learn more about All Star Healthcare Solutions, contact us today online or by calling 800-928-0229. We are eager to deliver everything you should expect from a caring, high-performance staffing company.