Use Locum Tenens for Vacation Coverage to Reduce Staff Burnout

Use Locum Tenens for Vacation Coverage to Reduce Staff Burnout

Summer is right around the corner, and chances are, you’ve already received requests for time off. After all, this season is traditionally reserved for family vacations. Fortunately, the flexibility of locum tenens keenly supports healthcare facilities’ efforts to grant staff time off.

But the advantages of incorporating locum tenens into your seasonal staffing strategies extend beyond authorizing just a few days off. Bringing in temporary coverage is an investment in cultivating long-term staff well-being.

Reducing Burnout
According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, healthcare provider burnout is defined as an ongoing stress indicated by prolonged emotional exhaustion, a sense of depersonalization, and a lower sense of personal accomplishment. Physicians and advanced practitioners (APs) have been experiencing the effects of burnout for quite some time, but the last few years have amplified the degree of those feelings.

However, time off can reduce that perception. Medscape’s Physician Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2022 found that more than two-thirds of physicians maintain their happiness and mental well-being by either spending time with family and friends and/or pursuing hobbies. Vacations offer opportunities to do both.

What’s more, stepping away from clinical duties encourages providers to de-stress and recharge. Plus, when practitioners invest in self-care, patients benefit. Research indicates that providers who attend to their physical, mental, and emotional needs tend to exhibit more empathy, compassion, and effective care toward others.

Lean on Locum Tenens
Locum tenens empowers facilities to ensure physicians and APs are granted those well-deserved vacations. All Star Healthcare Solutions assists administrators with managing staff requests by presenting highly qualified clinicians who can fill in and ensure continuity of care. Not only does this accommodate vacationers and patients, but adding locum tenens to the mix prevents extra strain on other staff.

Also, locum tenens can be particularly beneficial during popular seasons when people take turns going on vacation. For example, a locum tenens contract can be arranged to cover for multiple consecutive vacations. As one staff member returns to the unit and another takes off, the locum tenens professional remains on the unit, allowing for consistent operations.

Of course, there are any number of scenarios that can arise when juggling staff vacation requests. Regardless of the time of year or circumstances, All Star is always ready to help facilitate.

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