Time to Celebrate National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day! All Star Healthcare Solutions is Your Recruiter’s Go-To Resource for Every Occasion

All Star Healthcare Solutions is Your Recruiter’s Go-To Resource for Every Occasion

Since 1991, the first Tuesday of June has been designated National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day. We acknowledge and celebrate the incredible value recruiters add to hospitals, clinics, private practice groups, and other healthcare organizations. With the current provider shortage, coupled with increasing demand for medical care, their role is critical to ensuring people have access to highly qualified physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).

When you make All Star Healthcare Solutions your full-service partner, our consultants become an invaluable time-saving resource for in-house recruiting teams, ready to fulfill your staffing needs on your schedule.

Dividing Duties for Direct Hire
From the get-go, All Star works with your in-house experts to find your next staff member. Our Direct-Hire consultants assist recruiters to construct a thorough candidate portrait. What specific qualifications are mandatory? What background experiences are preferred? We also want to know who will positively contribute to your workplace culture in terms of personality characteristics or practice style. The time invested in developing an in-depth profile at the beginning of the process speeds up the next stage. Our consultants refine their searches based on those criteria to find the best-matched clinicians to present. More than that, our consultants build relationships with providers, getting to know them beyond a set of skills. Individuals are queried about their goals, practice preferences, and hopes for a new job and/or community. This personal knowledge offers time-saving insights.

Locum Tenens Supplements Recruiting Calendars
Meanwhile, our Locums consultants can ease recruiters’ immediate staffing needs. Assigning locum tenens professionals temporarily to vacancies ensures continuity of care for patients and staff. This full-service, collaborative strategy helps control patient wait times because you have highly qualified clinicians on site. Additionally, by preventing patient case overload on staff, locum tenens professionals indirectly lessen the likelihood of burnout, benefiting facilities on multiple fronts. According to a study conducted prior to the pandemic, the price of burnout to the healthcare industry totaled in the billions, due in part to physician turnover and reduced work hours.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Staffing Crunch Times
Healthcare recruiters are busy year-round, especially given the fact that finding and hiring new full-time clinicians can take months. That said, there still are seasonal factors that affect staffing needs. Summer, school breaks, and holidays traditionally spur on a surge of vacation requests. In anticipation of a wave of staff members taking time off, All Star can secure locums coverage ahead of time. Of course, the same philosophy applies when individuals request upcoming family leave or other prolonged periods away from the job. Scheduling supplemental staff before the onset of flu and respiratory illness season also avoids any last-minute crunch for locum tenens professionals.

Readying for Retirements
According to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), nearly 47 percent of practicing physicians in the United States are 55 years old or older. Additionally, the median age for NPs hovers at 46. The aging workforce puts the healthcare industry on track for a notable staffing disruption due to a large percentage of impending retirements. All Star can be your full-service retirement resource whether your recruiters are given six months’ or six weeks’ notice, or providers wish to cut back on hours before finally transitioning to retirement. Our Direct Hire and Locums consultants collaborate to satisfy your immediate and future needs.

Reacting to Urgent Demands
Of course, not every staffing need includes a convenient lead-up timeframe. For urgent situations, such as employees falling ill or unexpectedly needing time off to attend to family matters, locum tenens offers a reliable solution for in-house recruiters. All Star is always building up our vast roster of physicians and advanced practice providers across the country, enabling us to respond to your needs with whatever your timetable demands.

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