The Rewards of Gifting Your Staff Time Off During the Holidays

The Rewards of Gifting Your Staff Time Off During the Holidays

A quick look at the calendar and you know the holiday season will be upon us in no time. Have your managers and supervisors already received numerous requests for time off during the next few months? As the holidays draw nearer, the number of people seeking days off will likely increase; however, granting those days off can produce long-lasting benefits for your staff.

  • Improve employees’ well-being

A multitude of studies and surveys confirm physicians, advanced practice providers, and other healthcare professionals continue to experience the effects of burnout. Research by the Mayo Clinic states 62 percent of doctors are impacted by at least one symptom, such as emotional exhaustion or physical fatigue. Additional research associates clinician burnout with unplanned absenteeism and lower workplace morale. Taking time off is one strategy to help mitigate the degree of burnout and improve individuals’ well-being. Multiple days away provide your people the opportunity to physically and emotionally rest and relax.

  • Boost productivity

After traveling, enjoying time with family and friends, or catching up on favorite binge-worthy programs — even over the holidays — your employees are more likely to return with a re-energized focus toward work and collaboration.

  • Reduce unplanned time off

In addition to creating spikes in patient census, seasonal viruses and other illnesses can affect healthcare professionals, too, which leads to people calling in sick. Of course, such maladies occur, but they’re not the only reason staff may call off work unexpectedly. For example, a survey by InnerBody found workers of all ages, from Gen Z to baby boomers, believe taking time off for mental health days is a necessity. A growing number of employers encourage individuals to schedule paid time off (PTO) on a more regular basis to attend to self-care and mental health needs. The holidays can be a tough time for some people, so emphasizing this option this time of year could be another way to show support for your staff

  • Reinforce your workplace culture

Heavy workloads are one of the main reasons cited for a person’s hesitation in asking for time off. Concern for patients also plays a major role. Over time, though, an all-work philosophy can chip away at workplace unity. Therefore, policies that position vacations or leaves as a positive for employees reinforce a caring culture.

  • Attract job candidates

When comparing potential employers, today’s healthcare professionals weigh traditional perks and salary along with progressive organizational programs, such as employee well-being initiatives that feature flexible PTO policies, including during the holidays.

All Star Is Ready and Available to Be Your Staffing Partner for the Holidays (and all year)
When vacation requests soar — or when personnel sign up for extended leaves or unexpected circumstances create a staffing void —  All Star Healthcare Solutions is ready to assist. We know patient care doesn’t take a holiday and recruiting is a year-round endeavor. All Star’s full-service capabilities can help fill your facility’s staffing needs on multiple fronts. Our Locums Division works to place physicians and advanced practitioners in temporary positions so permanent staff can celebrate the holidays while continuity of care rolls along. Our Direct-Hire Division partners with your in-house recruiters to cast a wide net for diverse, highly qualified candidates. As part of our signature “Red Carpet” Service, both divisions collaborate efforts to streamline processes and better meet your facility’s unique staffing needs.

Start your holiday staffing program today by calling All Star Healthcare Solutions at 800-928-0229, or contact us online.