The Benefits of Long-term Relationships with Your Staffing Agency

The Benefits of Long-term Relationships with Your Staffing Agency

From increased caseloads to appointment calendars booked months in advance to staffing voids, healthcare organizations continue to face the impact of the current physician shortage. According to the Health Resources & Services Administration, there are nearly 8,300 officially designated health professional shortage areas (HPSAs). Additionally, the agency identifies more than 3,400 medically underserved areas (MUAs). Plus, hospitals, health systems, medical practices, and clinics across the country continue to deal with the effects of employee burnout. Therefore, a growing number of organizations enlist the services of staffing agencies to provide locum tenens and direct-hire options.

Whether your organization has an ongoing need for supplemental staff, requires additional clinicians to address swings in patient census, or seeks assistance with recruitment plans, developing a long-term relationship with a staffing agency, such as All Star Healthcare Solutions, offers multiple advantages.

Streamline Operations
Staffing firms become an extension of your in-house recruiting team, and the more you engage them, the more familiar you become with each other. With All Star, you’ll get to know how we match providers to jobs and handle credentialing, for example. This shared understanding can help expedite processes, such as anticipating the type of information consultants and facilities request of one another.

Engage in Effective Communication
At All Star, your time won’t be consumed with trying to connect with an ever-changing cadre of agency representatives. To begin with, our consultants concentrate on specific medical specialties. They learn procedural vocabulary and common clinical qualifications, which helps to ensure efficient solutions to your facility’s needs. Also, All Star is a full-service staffing company, which means our Locums and Direct-Hire Divisions collaborate and share information to further facilitate all your physician and advanced practice provider staffing demands.

Understand Staffing Needs
From anticipating seasonal census spikes to knowing what subspecialties your facility seeks, long-term relationships with staffing companies promote a deeper knowledge of your locum tenens usage. A historical knowledge empowers consultants to be proactive and assist with developing strategies in advance.

Cultivate Trust
Developing a long-term relationship with a staffing company means relying on recruiters to respond to your emergency staffing needs as well as strategizing to fill dates for upcoming coverage. All Star continually builds our roster of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified registered nurse anesthetists nationwide, which adds a degree of flexibility to fill your immediate or unexpected vacancies.

Build Authentic Relationships
All Star is committed to fostering longstanding partnerships with clients and providers through a practice of transparency, responsiveness, and delivering our signature “Red Carpet” Service, where going above and beyond is our standard.

To learn more about our “Red Carpet” Service and how a partnership with All Star Healthcare Solutions can benefit your facility’s staffing needs, call us today at 800-928-0229, or contact us online.