The Benefits of Adopting a “Customer Service” Approach to Your Locum Tenens Practice

The Benefits of Adopting a “Customer Service” Approach to Your Locum Tenens Practice

When you step into the role of a locum tenens professional, you adopt two primary customers: your patients and the facility in which you will be practicing. Fortunately, there are several steps that will ensure you deliver exceptional customer service on locum tenens assignments.

Putting the Focus on Patients
The people you treat as a locum tenens provider may never know you are practicing at the hospital, clinic, or other healthcare organization for a set time. Serving in that role, however, creates unique opportunities for you to elevate patient satisfaction.

  • Without the obligation of organizational duties, such as meetings and unit or personnel management, you can turn the majority of your attention to patient care. An extra few minutes spent interacting with individuals and their family members further personalizes the experience and can make a lasting impression.
  • As a newcomer, having an open mind toward the individuals you treat opens the door for more candid communications.
  • Medical visits can be a stressful time for patients and their loved ones. Establishing a genuine connection — friendly inquiries about your temporary community, for example — can help people feel more comfortable meeting with a new provider.

Fitting In at Facilities
Administrators and colleagues appreciate the ability of locum tenens professionals to quickly acclimate to their environment.

  • Professionalism extends beyond providing high-quality patient care. Paying attention to everyday details, such as punctuality and being cordial toward staff, helps everyone ease into your locums assignment.
  • Incorporating the facility’s established protocols into your practice will convey the message that you are intent on adjusting to their operations and not trying to institute changes.
  • As you settle into the new setting and community, it’s natural to have questions about where items are stored, how to navigate electronic medical records software, or even where to go for a good meal. You most likely will find people are eager to help you fit into their workplace. Of course, it may be more efficient to seek out one or two individuals as your go-to contacts.
  • Show your appreciation for your peers. Kind gestures, like bringing in treats or supporting a community fundraiser, generally solicit positive reactions, which help foster connections.

Our Promise to Excellent Customer Service
Our signature “Red Carpet” Service is a commitment to go above and beyond as our standard. Your consultant will keep you informed every step of the locum tenens journey as well as be available to answer questions or address issues if needed. That’s our commitment to serving the physicians and advanced practitioners who are willing to go where the need for patient care is greatest.

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