Seasonal Changes Give Locums Providers Countless Opportunities for Work and Play

Seasonal Changes Give Locums Providers Countless Opportunities for Work and Play

Do you find yourself dreaming of flying off to somewhere else as soon as winter approaches? Then maybe now is the perfect season to practice locum tenens.

Of course, winter has been a favorite time of year for physicians and advanced practice providers to accept short- or long-term assignments in warmer climates, but opportunities in every direction offer rewarding experiences.

Northern Highlights
Sure, December through March can be cold in the northern half of the country, but the demand for locum tenens professionals doesn’t hibernate. Patients and facilities still benefit from your skills and expertise, especially when seasonal illnesses cause the patient census to climb.

Being flexible with contract locations this time of year could produce more assignment variety for your consideration. If your priorities are facility size, patient population, or other practice-related details, then this region could be an ideal choice.

Mountain Fun
For winter sports enthusiasts, locum tenens opportunities out West or in New England serve up a plethora of snowy surroundings in which to play. Accepting short-term positions in these regions can turn the experience into a working vacation. Instead of taking time off from the job to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, or snowshoe on a personal trip, hit the trails after your shifts or on days off. Staying in town for a few weeks presents the chance to be on the slopes as much as possible during downtime and having the advantage of accessing a fresh snow or early/late season activity. You can even invite family and friends for a winter getaway with you while you’re on assignment.

West Coast Variety
Providers may enjoy the coastline temperature variations from Washington state down to Southern California. Locum tenens positions in this area of the country open the door to both cold- and warm-weather options — from cool in the Pacific Northwest to snow in the mountains of each state to the warmer deserts and beaches of Southern California. Plus, you can enjoy metropolitan areas — Seattle to San Diego — as well as small country towns. Confer with your All Star Healthcare Solutions consultant about seeking locum tenens positions throughout the region this season so you can experience it all.

The Traditional South
Historically, the late fall marks the beginning of the snowbird migration, when older citizens head south to enjoy winter in warmer climates. Florida, Texas, and Arizona have always welcomed this influx of seasonal residents. More recently, Nevada, South Carolina, and even Hawaii have attracted this demographic, too.

Whenever a town’s population grows, so does the need for clinicians. The fact that most snowbirds are older also increases the demand for medical services, which is why locum tenens opportunities typically expand in these states during the winter. However, the milder locales also appeal to a lot of physicians and advanced practice providers. If you would like to winter in one of these Southern states, then exercising flexibility in assignment details can enhance your chances of becoming a practicing snowbird.

Wherever you wish to go for locum tenens opportunities any time of the year, our All Star Healthcare Solutions consultants can help you get there. Call us today at 800-928-0229, or contact us online.