Questions to Ask When It’s Your Turn to Interview Facilities

Questions to Ask When It's Your Turn to Interview FacilitiesWhether looking for a locum tenens opportunity or hoping to land a new staff position, job candidates fully anticipate hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations will request an interview before extending a job offer. Even with virtual interviews, these conversations offer employers a glimpse into who you are beyond the CV and if you will fit well into their workplace culture.

However, job interviews should be two-way conversations, and they are a prime opportunity for physicians and advanced practice providers to query recruiters and/or hiring managers. After all, it’s just as important for candidates to discern if a potential new workplace meets their expectations.

So, when the facility representative says, “Do you have any questions,” that’s your chance to take charge of the dialogue.

Do Your Homework
All Star Healthcare Solutions collects as many details about prospective jobs as possible. You will learn about facility size, schedule, call duty, start date, and other specifics pertinent to either the locum tenens or direct-hire position. That said, there’s still more you can find out with a little internet research of your own. Look for additional datapoints on patient satisfaction scores, staff accomplishments, or industry and community recognition, for example. Seeking public information ahead of the interview not only helps paint a portrait of the facility but also saves your interview questions for details that are less available and are specifically important to you.

If you haven’t interviewed in a while or are unsure what to ask, we’ve compiled a list of some key sample questions for your consideration.

Locum Tenens Questions

  • Why is the position open?
    All Star note: There are multiple reasons why a facility enlists the services of All Star Healthcare Solutions, but the response to this question may indicate how busy the setting is or other circumstances affecting staffing.
  • Has the facility, and assigned unit, previously utilized locum tenens professionals?
    All Star note: Knowing this will help providers set expectations and better understand the environment.
  • What type of staff support is accessible, including specialty consultants and advanced practice providers?
  • What is the average admission rate during call duty?
  • What is your electronic medical records (EMR) software, and will I be able to access online training before the assignment start date?

Direct-Hire Questions

  • What are the short-term plans for the facility (i.e., adding units, expanding specialty coverage)?
  • Will my responsibilities change within a year or two?
    All Star note: This type of question can help individuals judge if the facility’s future goals match your own.
  • What formal (and informal) professional development programs are available?
  • Are there any restrictions on provider moonlighting?
    All Star note: This is a great question to ask if you would like to accept the occasional locum tenens contract.

Additional Questions
The following prompts focus more on workplace culture, and apply to either locum tenens or direct-hire jobs.

  • How would you describe the management style of the organization and the unit?
  • What type of wellness programs are offered to staff?
    All Star note: Burnout among providers runs high, and more organizations are aiding staff in enhancing their mental health. Although not a precise gauge, the answer to this question could suggest the level of support available and whether it meets your hopes for a future employer.
  • What does orientation/onboarding cover?
    All Star note: Answers will probably differ between locum tenens and direct-hire opportunities.
  • What do new employees find surprising about working here?
  • What is your favorite part of working at this facility and living in this community?
    All Star note: This is a great question to wrap up with because it’s your chance to hear firsthand what a staff member values about the facility.

All Star consultants are also available to advise on how to handle the interview process. To speak with a dedicated consultant from our Locums Division or Direct Hire Division, call 800-928-0229, or contact us online.