Maximizing Your Facility’s Recruitment and Retention Efforts

Person TypingAs physician and provider shortages continue to affect healthcare at every level, it is more essential than ever to ensure your facility remains safely staffed. Here are two approaches that can help make the most of your recruitment and retention strategies:

Partner with a full-service healthcare staffing company
If you find yourself overwhelmed with the time-consuming tasks involved with filling staffing gaps, consider working with a firm that can meet all your staffing needs: direct hire, short-term, and locums-to-perm. A reputable, full-service healthcare staffing company, like All Star Healthcare Solutions, will collaborate with you and/or your in-house recruitment team to fill positions unexpectedly vacated because of, say, illnesses, personal emergencies, or unforeseen resignations.

The right staffing partner will be invested in fully understanding your unique needs and provide “Red Carpet” Service at every interaction. And when a candidate is ultimately presented, you will know you are getting a dependable, trustworthy provider ready to seamlessly begin delivering excellent patient care at your facility.

Utilize locum tenens providers
When immediate, short-term coverage is needed, locum tenens clinicians are an ideal solution. Perhaps you have identified an ideal candidate, but he or she cannot start for four months. Or maybe one of your physicians needs to take an unexpected leave of absence. No matter the scenario, locum tenens providers can step in quickly, ensuring that your employed clinicians will not have to carry a heavier load, a consideration that ultimately increases retention. Healthcare facilities that are committed to safeguarding quality of life and practice standards enjoy strong employee loyalty.

Furthermore, a locum tenens placement has the potential to evolve into a permanent placement. The facility and the provider both have the opportunity to get firsthand knowledge of one another, so there is no guesswork involved in deciding if they are a good match.

Converting a locum tenens provider to a permanent hire involves simple contract negotiations, which typically include a pre-arranged market-rate buyout fee included in the client agreement.  It is a straightforward process that lets both the organization and the provider enter into their new partnership knowing exactly what they are getting.

Count on quality support, whenever you need it
Staffing a hospital is a monumental task. Working with a staffing partner that can address all your staffing requirements can help guarantee that you are never without the qualified, experienced healthcare providers you need, when you need them. The end result? Better retention of current staff, increased patient confidence, enhanced brand loyalty, and additional revenue earned.

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A variation of this article appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of ROAR, the educational publication of the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR).