Making the Match: How All Star Partners with Facilities to Find the Best Candidates

Making the Match: How All Star Partners with Facilities to Find the Best CandidatesFinding highly qualified physicians and advanced practitioners to care for your patients deserves more attention than a quick keyword search through a vast database. While that is a great initial step to match general clinical qualifications, the impersonal function doesn’t take into account the unique characteristics and professional nuances that really foretell whether a provider is well suited for a job in your facility, either in a locum tenens role or for a staff position. At All Star Healthcare Solutions, we regard each locum tenens and direct-hire opportunity as a chance to truly partner with hospitals, clinics, private practice groups, and other healthcare organizations. Our consultative approach and signature “Red Carpet” Service mean we work with administrators and hiring managers to define their needs and refine their preferred candidate profiles for a more effective and efficient staffing strategy.

Define Your Qualifications
Of course, the first step in recruiting physicians or advanced practitioners is to identify the mandatory clinical qualifications, starting with specialty. However, that only lays the foundation. All Star consultants will engage with facility representatives to develop a more detailed description. For example, do you mandate board certification? Do you require a subspecialty? Are additional certifications, such as advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), necessary? What is the scope of procedures the provider will be expected to perform? Although All Star places providers from all medical fields, our consultants concentrate within specific specialties so they become knowledgeable in the related terminology and skills.

In addition to clinical skills, our consultants will inquire about any other professional qualifications you request, such as number of years a provider has been in practice. Do you seek someone with management or leadership experience? Are you looking for a provider who has experience with certain patient populations? Do you want a physician or advanced practitioner who has worked in a large, fast-paced facility that mirrors your facility’s setting?

The more information about the job you can share with your All Star consultant, the more expedient the matching process becomes because you can be assured candidates presented for your consideration will have met the mandatory clinical qualifications.

Refine Your Cultural Fit
Having physicians and advanced practitioners who can deliver high-quality care to your patients is just one aspect of the candidate-matching process. Successful placements also weigh how well the individual will meld with current staff members and who will flourish in your organization’s culture. Determining these indicators has less to do with CV entries and more with personal characteristics.

All Star’s consultative approach enables consultants to build relationships with providers, get to know them not just as clinicians, but on a personal level. We learn about their goals and objectives for accepting locum tenens assignments or seeking a new long-term position. In addition to learning about their previous experience, consultants query providers about their future practice preferences. What type of setting or caseload would increase professional satisfaction? Are they looking to strike a better integration of professional and personal life? Collecting feedback on these and other key factors help us match providers to healthcare facilities on multiple levels.

“Red Carpet” Service
Our signature “Red Carpet” Service is a commitment to “going above and beyond.” With each locum tenens or direct-hire opportunity, All Star consultants are dedicated to asking the questions and collecting the particulars required to help identify providers who not only will meet the qualifications, but who will best serve your patients and support your staff.

To hear more about how All Star Healthcare Solutions can assist in your staffing needs — locums and direct hire —contact one of our dedicated consultants today at 800-928-0229, or contact us online.