Locum Tenens Providers Give the Gift of Staffing Support During the Holidays

LT-Providers-Give-the-Gift-of-Staffing-Support-During-the-HolidaysThis time of year holds special meaning for so many people. It’s a time when families and friends gather to celebrate the holidays. It’s the time when one reflects back on the memories made over the past year, and looks forward to the hopes and promises of a new year. It’s also the time of year that signals holiday shifts. That makes your presence as a locum tenens provider at facilities in need of additional clinical support especially appreciated.

Helping alleviate holiday blues and provider burnout
Providers who accept temporary assignments this time of year can make a facility’s full-time employees feel like they’re receiving an extra-special delivery. By being on hand to offer high-quality care, you’re helping to lighten the caseload for permanent staff, which could lift their spirits and lessen feelings of burnout.

All Star Cares
At All Star Healthcare Solutions, we know how important it is that locum tenens providers feel engaged and energized. Our consultants remain committed to checking in with you during assignments to make sure your needs are met, including during the holidays.

A shared understanding and appreciation
No one knows better what it is like to work on a holiday than other healthcare professionals who have found themselves in similar scheduling circumstances. The fact that you agree to travel away from home to step into a short-term position at an assignment facility this month likely does not go unnoticed by your temporary colleagues. Your willingness to accept shifts this time of year may be the reason someone gets time off to celebrate with family and friends.

All Star Cares
Throughout the year, All Star consultants strive to present temporary jobs that meet your clinical and personal expectations. When the holiday season rolls around, that mission becomes even more important, knowing the sacrifices providers are willing to make to step in where needed, even if that means adjusting your own holiday plans.

Patient care remains paramount
Of course, locum tenens providers’ primary purpose is to care for patients at the contracting hospital, outpatient clinic, or private group practice. Your commitment, knowledge, and experience enable the facility to sustain a continuity of care. While the patients and their loved ones may not know you are there for a limited period, the dedication you extend them can help ease the burden that comes with having an ill family member during a time that’s usually cause for celebration.

All Star Cares
All Star adopts a patient-first mentality, viewing providers’ and clients’ patients as our patients, too. Our “Red Carpet” Service is a promise to regularly go beyond what is expected to make your experience on assignment enjoyable and worry-free, so you can place your focus where it’s most appreciated.

Join in on workplace activities
People like to mark occasions at work as well as at home. For example, staff may organize potlucks or cater meals for those on duty during special days, including locum tenens providers. There’s no reason not to accept co-workers’ invitations to join in on such festivities. After all, you’re part of the team while on assignment.

All Star Cares
All of us at All Star Healthcare Solutions would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for the extraordinary people who choose to accept locum tenens jobs. We wish you happy holidays and best wishes in the new year!

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