Launch Your Post-Residency Job Search with All Star Healthcare Solutions

Launch Your Post-Residency Job Search with All Star Healthcare SolutionsThe path from an undergraduate degree to completing medical school to starting residency and a fellowship typically is well mapped out. It’s the next step along your career trajectory that determines in which direction you’d like to branch out. Do you want to join an established private practice group or continue treating patients in an acute care setting as a hospital or health system employee? Are you comfortable with staying in the same city where you’ve been working as a resident? Perhaps you would rather venture out to a different type of community. Then again, what if you are not completely set on where you want your next career step to take you?

Partnering with a staffing agency, like All Star Healthcare Solutions, provides the assistance and guidance to confidently choose the direction that’s right for you. Indeed, as noted below, there are many benefits to enlisting All Star for your post-residency career planning.

Tap Into Our Network of Employers
As a resident, you are dedicated to patient care and advancing your specialty training. There’s minimum time to build a vast professional network that could develop referrals for post-residency positions. At All Star, we are continually growing our relationships with hospitals, multi-specialty private practice groups, clinics, and other healthcare organizations nationwide. We will cast a wide net for your job search and possibly discover opportunities you had not considered but find personally interesting and professionally appealing. And as we conduct the initial steps on your behalf, you continue to focus your attention and energy where it makes the biggest impact: providing high-quality care to patients.

Highlight Your CV
CV presentation is absolutely paramount for physicians coming out of residency or fellowship. Not only do All Star’s Direct Hire consultants have a firm understanding of the job market, they also concentrate on medical specialties for an added layer of expertise. This combined knowledge uniquely positions All Star consultants to advise on how to best organize and edit a CV—including highlighting accomplishments and non-clinical experiences—so the document becomes the best representation of you in the job-search process.

Formulate Your Job-Search Strategy
Some doctors know exactly where they wish to set up practice post-residency. Others may have a list of preferences: hospital or practice size, type of community, or even a list of locations they would consider for a hometown. Yet, some individuals may find it more challenging to narrow down the specifics, or they simply are excited to explore all possibilities. All Star is prepared to tackle each of these scenarios. Not only are we constantly building relationships with facility administrators and hiring managers, but our consultants also liaise with them as your advocate. They also prompt candidates to further refine career and personal objectives to make the job search more productive and rewarding.

Engage All Star’s Full-Service Capabilities
In our quest to deliver “Red Carpet” Service, both our Direct Hire and Locums Divisions can avail providers with opportunities. If you are excited by the chance to practice in a variety of settings and communities after residency, our Locums consultants are ready to match you to jobs that could range from a few days to a few months. With open and transparent communication, our teams coordinate efforts to ease providers through the transition out of training and into the next step on your career path, be it in a direct-hire position or as a locum tenens professional.

At All Star Healthcare Solutions, we’re committed to supporting providers at every career stage. Call 800-928-0229, or contact us online, to speak with one of our Locums or Direct Hire consultants today.