How to Make the Most of Your Locum Tenens Assignments

How To Make the Most of your LT AssignmentLocum tenens practice offers countless benefits, both professionally and personally. One oft-cited perk is the control locums providers have over their own schedules, which facilitates a work-life balance many staff physicians and advanced practitioners struggle to achieve. Another significant advantage is the ability to travel to new places and sample different practices settings.

A healthy work-life balance, combined with unlimited travel opportunities, can make the locum tenens lifestyle a treasure trove of opportunities. Here, we list five ways to make the most of every assignment:

Explore the country. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to start your career, searching for an ideal retirement location, or anything in between, locums allows you to explore different parts of the country while sampling varied practice settings. Immersing yourself in a location while on a temporary assignment offers a more in-depth experience than you are likely to get as a tourist on vacation.

Enjoy extended family visits. Perhaps your parents have retired to warmer climates or your adult children have relocated across the country. In any case, locum tenens jobs are available nationwide, so you can find opportunities near loved ones and plan to spend time with them when you are not working.

Pursue seasonal pastimes. What if you live in, say, the Midwest, but you love to go surfing? Or perhaps you want to spend time on a golf course, but it is cold and snowy in your backyard. Many locum tenens providers have discovered new passions thanks to the access they gained through both short- and long-term assignments. If there is a hobby you’ve been wanting to try, let your consultant know.

Plan around your travel schedule. If you are planning to travel for a conference, concert, festival, exhibit, or anything else where you have some advance notice, consider seeking an assignment in the same area or nearby. You will likely to be able to eliminate or at least reduce your travel costs, and you are sure to make the most out of your trip.

Extend your stay. Another great way to make the most of your assignment is to arrive a few days early or to stick around for a few extra days afterward. This gives you time to fully explore the area, as well as surrounding areas, while you enjoy some rest and relaxation. You may even want to invite friends or family to join you.

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