How Physicians and Advanced Practitioners Find the Best Jobs

do what you love, love what you do - motivational word advice or reminder on sticky notes on cork board background. Business conceptLike many clinicians in search of a new opportunity, you have probably asked colleagues and friends for personal and professional referrals. In addition, you have likely perused jobs online, including those posted on social media channels.

While each of these options can be helpful, as you might suspect, success in landing your ideal job comes from knowing where the open positions are, understanding what facilities are looking for in candidates, and negotiating competitive compensation or a satisfactory employment package. That is why it is most advantageous to partner with a full-service healthcare staffing firm. Companies like All Star Healthcare Solutions have knowledgeable, experienced, and specialty-specific consultants who guide candidates through the entire process.

Job description
Securing a good match requires determining what that means to you and is part of our “Red Carpet” Service. For example, do you want to work locum tenens or are you seeking a permanent position? What type of clinical environment do you prefer? How heavy a patient caseload do you wish to carry? Other factors to consider include scheduling demands, professional development opportunities, staffing mix, and any issue(s) you deem important.

“We want a complete idea of the type of practice providers are looking for in a locums or perm job,” says Keith Shattuck, our CEO.

The same philosophy applies to hospitals, private practice groups, and other facilities recruiting providers.

“We ensure we know what type of physicians and advanced practice providers they’re looking for and learn about their culture,” states Craig Shattuck, All Star’s founder and CAO. “Do they want a clinician who handles specific cases? Is a partnership track available? These details help us create quality matches with providers.”

Where and why
Practicing locum tenens allows clinicians to explore opportunities near and far for a short period of time or long term, based on their preference, while taking a permanent position calls for living and working in a community for the foreseeable future. In either scenario, how do you decide on a community or city? Are you looking at an area because family lives there? Has your spouse’s career led to relocation? Not only do consultants want to understand the reasons behind your choice of location, but facility decision-makers are curious, too.

“Hospital administrators, practice managers, and other healthcare facility leaders want to know why doctors, NPs, PAs, and CRNAs are looking in a certain area, and what possibly may keep these providers there,” explains Matt Tremellen, senior director.

Professional experience
Of course, previous experience helps identify future potential. A current curriculum vitae (CV) narrows the search to roles that match your skill set.

Malpractice and disciplinary history

Be honest about any disciplinary actions against you, including malpractice claims.

“Have the supporting documentation that paints as clear a picture of an incident as possible,” advises Katie Escalante, our Vice President of Sales. “Have the paperwork that explains the claim or disciplinary action, whether a lawsuit was settled or dismissed, the extent of your responsibility, and what portion of the settlement you were responsible for.”

Total teamwork
Once parameters are set for your locums or permanent dream job, your consultant will guide you along each additional step, presenting positions for consideration, sharing requests from facilities for interviews or documentation, and soliciting feedback after each stage.

“For perm jobs, if an offer is made, we see if it is what the candidate wants, discuss competing offers, or help negotiate terms,” says Matt Tremellen. “Once a clinician signs a contract, we follow up to make sure the credentialing process goes smoothly.”

Even with a staffing company on your side, the recruitment process for a permanent placement can last months. This may pose challenges such as one contract ending before another begins, creating an employment gap. As a full-service staffing agency, All Star’s permanent placement consultants work with our locum tenens consultants to serve all your needs.

We can provide physicians with locum tenens work prior to starting their new permanent position, if they desire,” says Keith Shattuck. “Or if providers are unsure that they want to make the commitment of moving their entire family to a new location, they may be more interested in doing temp-to-perm, working locums to validate the opportunity before accepting it.”

“Conversely, if locums providers decide they want to sign on at an assignment facility permanently, we can facilitate that, too,” Craig Shattuck adds. “Our Perm and Locums Divisions communicate constantly, and everything we do is based on the needs of our candidates and clients.”

However you define the ideal job, All Star Healthcare Solutions is here to help. Contact us today online or by calling 800-928-0229 to begin the process of finding your locum tenens opportunity or permanent position.