Happy National PA Week! Enhance Your Career Satisfaction with Locum Tenens

Happy National PA Week! Enhance Your Career Satisfaction with Locum Tenens

Each year, National Physician Assistants Week is celebrated from October 6–12, honoring all the hardworking physician assistants (PAs) delivering compassionate care throughout the United States. All Star Healthcare Solutions is privileged to connect dedicated, highly qualified PAs with healthcare facilities for both direct-hire positions and locum tenens assignments.

“Our providers go above and beyond for their patients and our client facilities. They extend a hospital’s or clinic’s capacity to care for patients, maintain continuity of care, and increase access to procedures,” says Gian Barreto, a sales manager in our Locums Division.

Indeed, PAs play an integral role on patient care teams in hospitals, clinics, medical groups, and other healthcare organizations. And according to the Medscape Physician Assistant Career Satisfaction Report 2023, knowing they positively impact others is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job.

Here, we show how this reward and many of the others named in the report can be further enhanced with locum tenens.

  • Helping people and making a difference in their lives

In addition to treating patients, helping individuals understand the various elements of their medical care is a key characteristic of the physician assistant role. However, patients are not the only beneficiaries of adding PAs to clinical rosters, especially when utilizing locum tenens professionals. Advanced practitioners who accept temporary contracts positively affect their co-workers by sharing caseloads or stepping in when employees take time off.

“Locum tenens providers present a tremendous benefit because facilities are assured they will have the clinician coverage they need while staff go on vacation or take leave,” says Mary Grace Wyatt, a physician recruiter in our Locums Division.

  • Liking your job

A survey by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants determined more than 30 percent of PAs self-reported experiencing, at minimum, one symptom of burnout. Respondents added that consistently high patient volume and numerous hours of call duty intensified feelings of being burned out. Interestingly, the same report states individuals who worked in two or more clinical jobs were less likely to claim high levels of burnout.

PAs who adopt a locum tenens practice full time, or as an opportunity to moonlight, have the advantage of caring for people without many of the administrative functions that typically compete for their time and attention. Oftentimes, providers say this aspect of the practice alternative revives interest in their career choice.

  • Developing relationships with patients

Locum tenens assignments vary in length, including up to several months, during which PAs can develop connections with co-workers and patients. In fact, the impression locum tenens professionals make on others during assignments can reach beyond a facility’s walls.

“Recently, we heard from a locums provider about how much the community appreciated her. While getting a haircut, the stylist explained how other customers mentioned how much she helped them,” recalls Barreto.

  • Maximizing your education and experience

Locum tenens assignments also empower PAs to apply their expert knowledge and experience in a variety of settings, especially rural communities. PAs and other advanced practice providers step in to make sure residents in smaller or remote towns have access to high-quality care.

“Our providers are dedicated to helping facilities and patients because they know there is such a significant need. They genuinely want to make an impact,” says Wyatt.

What’s more, practicing in multiple facilities enables locum tenens providers to observe fellow clinicians and absorb additional information into their own practices.

That, along with competitive compensation and the chance to travel, is how locum tenens jobs create additional avenues for PAs to identify and enjoy the many rewards associated with the profession.

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