Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day! All Star Healthcare Solutions Wants to be Part of Your Team

Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day! All Star Healthcare Solutions Wants to be Part of Your Team

Today is National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day, and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate all the absolutely dedicated healthcare recruiters across the country who work diligently to provide their facilities, patients, and communities with exceptional healthcare professionals so people have access to high-quality medical care.

Over the past several years, physician and advanced practitioner recruiters have become busier than ever. Not only have patients’ needs grown but the prolonged physician shortage has added additional layers to their job. At All Star Healthcare Solutions, we want to enhance your staffing solutions by becoming part of your team.

All Star always starts with a consultative approach.
Whether you are looking for your next staff member or want to engage locum tenens professionals for temporary coverage, All Star is your full-service staffing resource. Our “Red Carpet” Service starts with discovering your facility’s specific staffing needs. Our consultants will inquire about a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, clinical qualifications and facility profile. We also want to learn about what drives the current demand for additional personnel in your hospital, outpatient clinic, or medical practice so we can present solutions tailored to meet your unique circumstances. Plus, these details help form the basis for candidate matches.

All Star speeds up the recruitment timeline.
The average physician recruitment process involves multiple critical steps that can span weeks into months. Any delay along the way can postpone a provider’s start date and affect your facility’s staffing strategies. All Star’s Direct Hire Division gets the ball rolling quickly. Our consultants operate within designated medical specialties, which starts the timesaving by identifying a targeted talent pool. What’s more, our consultants develop relationships with physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified registered nurse anesthetists nationwide. We get to know them as individuals as well as clinicians. We learn about their strengths as well as their career goals. We understand what they desire in an employer. That level of familiarity enables our consultants to present qualified candidates who will meet your clinical requirements and fit into your workplace culture, all of which saves your recruiters time and resources.

All Star expands your candidate pool.
When your recruiters partner with All Star, then your facility has access to a deeper talent pipeline. Not only do we work with providers in all medical specialties, but we connect with people who have varied cultural backgrounds and professional experiences, which allows your team to review diverse profiles.

All Star meets your immediate staffing needs.
We know patient care can’t be put on pause while you navigate the recruitment path for hiring new providers or replacing retiring clinicians—the Association of American Medical Colleges estimates two in five active physicians will reach age 65 within the next 10 years. Our Locums Division will team up with your recruiters to clarify and satisfy your short-term needs. They will help devise solutions to support the facility’s continuity of care so you keep serving your patients and staff.

To learn more about how All Star Healthcare Solutions can expand your facility’s staffing solutions, reach out today. Call us at 800-928-0229, or contact us online.