Easing Stress, Increasing Provider Satisfaction in the Time of COVID-19

As you move forward during this extraordinary time – making decisions in the best interest of your organization, patients, providers, and community – your facility may require additional resources.

One way you can ease the workload of your critical care physicians, emergency medicine doctors, and other hardworking clinicians is by providing them with support through locum tenens staffing services. This may be of particular importance if any of your providers have:


  • been working around the clock since the onset of the pandemic,
  • a tendency to put their own needs to the side to fully focus on those of their patients,
  • been coping with burnout since before the advent of this global health event, and/or
  • witnessed an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases at your facility.


How locums can help
Undoubtedly, your healthcare organization has measures in place to help medical professionals and other staff address stress, particularly with our “new normal” in mind. Providing assistance, compassion, and empathy to clinicians who have been and continue to be on the front lines is essential.

Arranging for locum tenens coverage will allow you to offer your clinicians well-deserved time off to rest and rejuvenate. They, in turn, will be grateful for the break and return to work refreshed and empowered, which will also help preserve physician professional satisfaction.

Even if they do not wish to take time off right now, you may offset your providers’ hours/lighten their caseloads by temporarily supplementing your staffing mix with additional experienced providers – a benefit to your patients as well.

A more complete solution
Of course, if staffing demands are changing at your facility, you may be interested in increasing the number of your regular staff.

If that is the case, consider working with a firm that can equally accommodate your need for exceptional permanent providers AND locum tenens services. Companies with dedicated Locums and Perm Divisions, like All Star Healthcare Solutions (formerly All Star Recruiting), can even provide your hospital or health system with high-quality locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners while finding providers who are the ideal long-term matches for your facility.

All Star delivers our signature “Red Carpet” Service from the heart, anticipating our client facilities’ needs by continually seeking opportunities to provide an enhanced experience, facilitating solutions that inspire confidence, and operating with a high level of execution. The long-term relationships we have built with facility decision-makers like you, as well as a pool ready-to-work quality providers, drive us to do and be our best, and they are the cornerstone of our business.

Health and well-being
All Star understands the health and well-being of your patients – and the physicians, NPs, PAs, and CRNAs who care for them at your facility – are unquestionably top of mind, now and always. We would like to learn about your needs and become your trusted, full-service staffing partner.

Please contact us online or call 800-928-0229 to speak with a knowledgeable, experienced member of our team today.