Celebrating National Doctors’ Day: The Impact of Locum Tenens Physicians

Celebrating National Doctors’ Day: The Impact of Locum Tenens Physicians

Today, March 30, is designated as National Doctors’ Day, and all of us at All Star Healthcare Solutions wish to express our sincere gratitude for all the physicians caring for patients and their families across the country. Your dedication shines through all year long.

As a physician, you meet a vast sampling of people every day — from patients to peers, from administrators to community members. As a locum tenens professional, you have the opportunity to encounter, converse with, and care for an even broader cadre of people with each temporary position.

Have you ever given thought to the lasting impact you leave on the individuals you meet? As we explore here, your presence can leave a positive impression on many levels.

You impact patients and their families
By accepting locum tenens jobs, you help bring healthcare closer to people.

The National Rural Health Association reports an estimated 77 percent of rural counties have been labeled as medical deserts. By definition, that means the region lacks enough healthcare providers to deliver care to populations locally. The March of Dimes also reports 36 percent of counties have neither a hospital nor birth center with full-time obstetrics care.

As a locum tenens doctor on assignment, you deliver essential services to patients where they live. Not only does your presence improve their access to medical care, but it lessens the burdens and stresses on caregivers. Patients do not have to make arrangements for time off work to travel long distances for appointments, for instance.

“I see all the years of education, training, and certifications required to practice medicine, so thank you for the commitment you make to patients. You truly make an impact on people,” says Melody Peguero, senior licensing specialist.

You impact healthcare facilities and their staffs
Hospitals, clinics, private practice groups, and other healthcare organizations partner with All Star Healthcare Solutions because they have a supplemental staffing need.

Perhaps patient census has jumped, personnel are on leave or vacation, or the facility needs clinicians while recruiting for a new permanent staff member. When you assume a portion of caseloads as a locum tenens provider, patients receive the care they need without employees absorbing the staffing shortfall. Subsequently, this helps lessen the effect of burnout on these individuals, which creates more room for professional satisfaction.

“I have a lot of respect for our doctors because of the time and energy they dedicate to our clients with every assignment,” says Jessica Goldberg, senior consultant.

You impact communities
Regardless if your temporary assignment leads to the country or a large city, your work benefits the community. For example, when sharing your experience with medications, technology, or procedures with permanent staff, that knowledge remains with them after your contract wraps.

Accepting repeat or recurring assignments also makes an enduring impression on community members. Not only do multiple appearances foster familiarity with patients, but they also present opportunities to nurture new friendships. Additionally, longer contracts create the chance to get to know your temporary hometown and become involved if you so choose, thus, making an impact on the community at large.

“I am honored to be able to work with so many physicians who have a willingness to go on assignments and take care of people in various communities,” says Corrina Veverka, internal credentialing specialist.

You impact your own family
The locum tenens career alternative affords physicians both personal and financial rewards.

Choosing when to accept short- or long-term contracts empowers you to exercise more schedule flexibility. You can choose to stay home for periods to spend more quality time with family and friends. You can accept quick assignments that only last a few days. Also, you can bring family along on to enjoy the area with you.

Financially, locum tenens generates a competitive compensation rate. Plus, you practice under the All Star malpractice insurance policy while on assignment.

You impact All Star Healthcare Solutions
All of us at All Star are very grateful for the longstanding, authentic relationships we build with our providers.

“I’m proud I get to help providers in their locum tenens careers, but I’ve also connected with them on a personal level, developing close friendships, which is very special, too,” says Jonathan Baptista, sales manager.

All our teams are committed to delivering our signature “Red Carpet” Service on each step of every locum tenens journey to make your experiences as impactful as possible.

Are you interested in locum tenens opportunities? Speak an All Star Healthcare Solutions consultant today. Call 800-928-0229 or contact us online.