Baby on Board at All Star Recruiting


“As I prepared to come back to the office following my maternity leave, I experienced many emotions,” says Christina Busch, a consultant with our Locums Division. “I was excited about returning to work and to my All Star family. But I was nervous about leaving my baby.”

Olivia, Christina’s infant, was refusing to take a bottle. Christina had breastfed her for three months, but her sweet girl was not happy about the transition.

Saying that the thought of returning to her job while Olivia rejected moving from nursing to being bottle-fed would be a serious understatement. Christina imagined her baby crying all day until she returned home in the early evening.

“I shared my concerns with Katie Escalante, who is not only my leader but also my friend,” Christina recalls. “She was supportive and understanding. But I was truly overwhelmed by what happened next.”

Katie, senior director and mother of three boys, understood Christina’s concerns from both a professional position and a personal viewpoint. So, she went straight to All Star’s Executive team to ask if Christina could bring Olivia to the office a few days each week to help with the infant’s transition to bottle feeding.

“Working mamas should not have to choose between breastfeeding and making a living,” says Katie. “We can do both.”

Our Executive leaders agreed.

“All Star already offers lactation breaks and a Mother’s Room for our nursing moms, so they can pump their breast milk and store it safely until they go home at the end of the day,” says CEO Keith Shattuck.

“We have a caring, high-performance culture here,” he adds. “Giving Christina the opportunity to bring Olivia to the office has brought her peace of mind because she knows her baby can receive proper nourishment and she can focus on her job. It’s a win-win and really, just the right thing to do.”

Christina says the first time she brought Olivia to the office was one of the greatest days of her life.

“It was so amazing to have her with me, nearby and sleeping away, while I made calls,” she remembers. “I am so grateful to be part of a company that not only accepts my nursing journey with Olivia but also encourages it.”

Christina is blown away by the love and support she has received.

“The people I work with genuinely care about how I’m doing, and they love Olivia already,” she says. “All Star made returning to work feel like an absolute dream. Our company’s leaders are so progressive; many of my friends have asked me what they can do to get a job here!”