All Star Healthcare Solutions Presents All Star Cares Award to Elka Wiley-Mills, MD

All Star Cares Award recipient Elka Wiley-Mills, MD, (pictured left) and Keith Shattuck, CEO (pictured right) of All Star Healthcare Solutions

All Star Healthcare Solutions℠ recently presented its prestigious All Star Cares Award to Elka Wiley-Mills, MD, a neurologist who has partnered with the organization for more than eight years, essentially on a full-time basis. The event took place virtually via Zoom meeting.

“We are pleased to present this All Star Cares Award to a provider who significantly impacts the lives of others at work and in the community, consistently leading with the heart,” says Keith Shattuck, the company’s CEO. “Dr. Wiley-Mills is dedicated, dependable, flexible, skillful, and kind. She truly cares about her patients, and she is always willing to step in wherever she is needed most.”

He adds, “With remarkable resilience, she brings urgently needed experience, skills, and care to patients who might otherwise go without it. Dr. Wiley-Mills has worked diligently and continues to show notable fortitude during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are humbled to be able to call her an honored member of our All Star family.”

“All Star Cares” is the company’s philosophy. Its purpose statement is: The five points of All Star embody our Core Values and serve as the backbone of our “Red Carpet” Service. Our people connect quality providers to patients, supporting our clients and the community.

The recipient of the esteemed All Star Cares Award is determined by Executive Committee based on nominations submitted by the company’s people, clinicians, and/or clients.

“We are so appreciative of Dr. Wiley-Mills and all locum tenens providers for their dedication, devotion, and care. They bring healing and comfort to patients at healthcare facilities across the country day after day, and especially now, during these unprecedented times,” Shattuck adds.