All Star Healthcare Solutions Can Boost Your Staff Retention

Numerous studies conclude that staffing remains a pressing concern for healthcare employers nationwide. Administrators and managers at hospitals, clinics, and multi-specialty private practice groups know all too well how the events of the past few years have impacted their recruitment efforts. Additionally, analysts suggest the physician shortage is intensifying due to a growing number of early retirements among clinicians within all specialties. Conditions such as these reinforce the essential need for facilities to retain clinical staff members.

As a full-service staffing agency, All Star Healthcare Solutions is prepared to supplement your organization’s needs, including enhancing efforts to retain permanent personnel.

Boost Morale

People change jobs for myriad reasons, but whenever someone departs, co-workers take notice and may wonder whether it’s time to reevaluate their own employment situation. That curiosity can be bolstered if vacated positions remain unfilled for a prolonged period. In addition to questioning their next career move, staff morale could be impacted by the person’s departure because the remaining individuals are working harder and longer to compensate for the missing provider.

All Star Healthcare Solutions can help organizations boost positivity among employees. While our Locums Division presents candidates to fill the position on a temporary basis, our Direct Hire Division can kick off the recruitment process for your next staff member. This full-service strategy enables administrators and managers to invest more time and attention to internal programs that support workplace satisfaction.

Grant Time Off

Time away from the job has become essential to healthcare providers’ well-being, and therefore, approving days off is a key component to retention efforts. Stepping away for a week or two allows people to relax and refresh their bodies, minds, and spirits. Also, there may be instances when individuals seek extended periods off to pursue a sabbatical, accompany a medical mission, or care for family members, for instance. Being able to grant these requests reinforces employee support.

Incorporating locum tenens into your facility’s vacation or leave coverage plans enables employees to step away without causing staff shortages on a unit. All Star Healthcare Solutions will work with your timetable, such as arranging locum tenens professionals in advance for smooth transitions.

Respond to Emergencies

Not every staff vacancy comes with a notice or a well-choreographed vacation schedule. Unforeseen circumstances arise. For example, people incur injuries or fall ill and require a short-term leave from work to recuperate.

Engaging our locum tenens clinicians to fill unexpectedly open positions keeps staff’s stress levels from rising. All Star Healthcare Solutions continuously builds relationships with physicians and advanced practice providers in all medical specialties, and that vast nationwide network allows our consultants to adeptly respond to your needs with thoroughly vetted providers who will deliver high-quality care to your patients.

Support Continuity of Care

Indeed, providing exceptional and consistent care to patients and their families is one of the leading factors to career satisfaction for many medical professionals, which also keeps them on the job. All Star Healthcare Solutions assists facilities to maintain their standard of care by shoring up staffing. With locum tenens clinicians on site, not only do facilities promote effective provider-patient ratios, but having supplemental staff on duty also helps control patient wait times, encourages quality patient interactions, and as a result, can improve patient satisfaction. All that adds up to a more gratifying workplace that is more likely to retain its workforce.

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