All Star Healthcare Solutions Adapts Company Events to Reflect Flexible Workplace

All Star Healthcare Solutions Adapts Company Events to Reflect Flexible Workplace

More than two years ago, All Star Healthcare Solutions, one of the largest healthcare staffing firms in the country, switched to an entirely remote workforce to insure the well-being and safety of our people throughout the pandemic.

Earlier this year, however, we moved to a flexible workplace model, which allows people to choose whether they prefer to work from the office regularly or occasionally or remain exclusively remote. This prompted the All Star Executive Leadership team to rethink how we celebrate our award-winning, caring culture. More specifically, company events are now designed to enable attendance either in person or remotely.

“Our people are the heart of All Star’s culture and we are always striving to improve our support of them professionally and personally. As we continue to expand our All Star family outside of Florida, it’s essential we make sure everyone feels valued and connected. By offering a variety of ways to participate in company activities, everyone can feel welcomed, whether that is at the office, at an offsite location, or virtually from their home office,” says CEO Keith Shattuck.

One of the first flexible celebrations this year was Halloween. All Stars were invited to work in the office that day and participate in a costume contest and pizza lunch party. Employees who aren’t local and/or opted to work remotely also were encouraged to compete in a costume contest by submitting photos of themselves in their spooky getups. Separate honors were awarded to three winners in each category, Remote and In-Person.

Earlier this month, the company held its inaugural All Star Family Fun Day. Every employee was invited to attend an off-site event at the largest indoor entertainment venue in Florida, which featured go-karting, roller skating, arcade games, virtual reality games and escape rooms, a ropes course adventure, team competitions, and more. We also invited our extended All Star family – our people’s family members, friends, and/or significant others – to enjoy the fun. What’s more, the company flew in every All Star who lives and works outside of South Florida and who wanted to participate, paying for hotel, flight, and ground transportation.

“Our Core Value, ‘Fun is Fundamental,’ has been especially important over the past few years. Now, we have the opportunity to make All Star get-togethers even more inclusive by designing them for both in-person and remote participation so everyone can enjoy them regardless of their location,” says Ken Bernstein, All Star President. “Our first two flexible events were a lot of fun, and it was great to see All Stars embrace both types of participation. We are committed to exploring additional ways to connect with each other and strengthen our people-centric culture.”