Add Adventure to Your Summer with Locum Tenens

Add Adventure to Your Summer with Locum Tenens

With school wrapping up soon, summer vacations are not far behind, which can be a great time to turn locum tenens assignments into working vacations. Whether this will be your first contract or you are accustomed to accepting locum tenens jobs during other times of the year, to make the most out of a summer experience, it’s best to practice a little flexibility.

1. Be flexible with location choices.
Of course, everyone has their idea of the best places to go on vacation: mountains, beaches, amusement parks, resorts, or big cities. However, locum tenens contracts are based on where the needs for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs are greatest. Being flexible with where you are willing to travel for locums can deliver some unexpected benefits. First, it increases the likelihood of securing a short-term contract; holding out for specific cities may prolong the search. Second, accepting a temporary position in an unfamiliar area opens the door to new experiences. You could explore a variety of outdoor activities (instead of surfing at the beach, try out whitewater river rapids, for example). Also, many rural communities are within reasonable driving distances to local, state, and even national parks that boast trails, lakes, camping, and other sightseeing adventures.

2. Be flexible with facility size.
This suggestion goes hand-in-hand with being flexible on location. Being willing to serve in different size hospitals, health systems, and multi-specialty private practice groups within your practice scope, broadens the number of job possibilities for your consideration. These opportunities could bring some unsuspecting, yet welcomed, surprises. You may discover elements of the setting that suit your practice style or give you a break from your regular routine. Keeping an open mind about facility size could even improve the odds of finding an assignment closer to a preferred location.

3. Be flexible with timing.
Albeit this factor may not be as fluid as location or facility size, especially if you are trying to accommodate family schedules, but remaining flexible with length of contract could work in your favor. For example, an assignment that runs a few weeks allows for you to get acquainted with the area and devise an itinerary for the family before they arrive. A shorter assignment may fit better into personal schedules or provide more time for the vacation part of a working vacation. As always, be sure to update your All Star Healthcare Solutions consultant on your availability and any schedule changes.

4. Be flexible with family requirements.
The key to mixing family vacations with locum tenens is to understand and plan for both personal and professional commitments. Some providers may be okay with being on duty while partners and kids take in the sights and activities but value the downtime spent together. Others don’t want to miss out on the fun. In that case, it might make sense to tag on a few extra days to the assignment—before or after—to devote to family outings. Whenever you plan to have family members join you on a locum tenens contract, it is essential to communicate the details to your All Star consultant.

5. Be flexible in summer to-dos.
If a locum tenens job brings you to an unexpected location, get creative with how to spend your free time. In addition to outdoor activities, many smaller communities celebrate summer with fairs and festivals, which are fun ways to learn more about the region. Or just use the assignment destination as a home base, and on days off, drive to nearby cities to check out their sights and sounds.

6. Be flexible with planning.
If you have your heart set on a specific location and date to coincide with a personal vacation, then exercise a little flexibility in planning. As the saying goes, the sooner, the better, and All Star is always ready to help.

To learn more about how locum tenens can take you places this summer (and year-round) call an All Star Healthcare consultant at 800-928-0229, or contact us online, today!