7 Ways You Make an Impact as a Locum Tenens Provider

7 Ways You Make an Impact as a Locum Tenens Provider

We hope locum tenens physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified registered nurse anesthetists everywhere are having a very happy National Locum Tenens Week. Whether you choose locum tenens to supplement your income, to experience a variety of locations and settings, or to transition into a new career stage (from residency to retirement and in between), you make an important impact with each assignment.

1. You extend high-quality care to those in need.
According to McKinsey research, 45 percent of Americans admit to having at least one unmet healthcare need. Locum tenens professionals help mitigate those circumstances, so individuals can receive the attention they need and deserve. What’s more, because locum tenens providers are not involved with many of the facility’s administrative duties, you have more freedom to hone in on patient interactions.

2. You empower facilities to maintain continuity of care.
Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations experience fluctuations in patient census, personnel vacancies or family/medical leaves, and other factors that affect staffing needs. Accepting locum tenens jobs not only answers the demand for clinicians, but also helps facilities preserve continuity of care, too. Units are better manned to meet patient demand and sustain services.

3. You provide specialty coverage.
The shortage of primary care physicians has been well documented; however, numerous specialties remain underrepresented. For example, the American Journal of Surgery published a study that indicates nine surgical specialties are in jeopardy of incurring staffing shortages by 2030. Compounding the situation is a concentration of high-acuity specialists choosing to practice in urban centers, which leaves smaller and rural communities at a disadvantage. Whether your locum tenens contracts take you to the country or a city, as a specialist, you make an impact on patients’ care and a facility’s ability to meet the community’s needs.

7 Ways You Make an Impact as a Locum Tenens Provider4. You ease the demand on staff.
As patient needs grow, so does the call for quality clinicians, even though the physician shortage shows no signs of slowing. This confluence of factors creates a dynamic that weighs heavily on a facility’s personnel—namely, larger caseloads and longer hours. According to a pre-COVID survey conducted by The Physicians Foundation, the majority of physicians average between 41 and 60 hours on the job per week. Locum tenens providers help even out duties by assuming a portion of caseloads. Advanced practice providers in temporary positions also shift clinical responsibilities, allowing physicians to concentrate on more critical cases.

5. You share your skills.
As a locum tenens professional, you are invited to observe various practice styles and how cultural and regional aspects influence healthcare. Accumulating that knowledge can enhance your own practice as well as impact fellow practitioners and their patients by sharing the experiences you collect along the locum tenens journey.

6. You support the community.
Your presence can make a noteworthy difference where access to healthcare infrastructure is limited. For example, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) confirms three out of five federally designated health professional shortage areas exist in rural areas. Fulfilling locum tenens assignments at rural facilities, or within urban healthcare deserts, expands care for patients but supports the facility’s role in the greater community, too. Hospitals typically operate as a major employer in town and contributor to the local economy. So, even temporarily, your contribution leaves a larger impact on the community in addition to treating individuals.

7. You become a friend.
Yet another impactful impression locum tenens professionals make is with their friendship, forming enduring relationships with co-workers you meet on each opportunity.

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