7 Benefits of Local(ish) Locum Tenens Opportunities

A young businessman in a suit sits at the wheel of a expensive carHealthcare providers who prefer to work and stay closer to home can reap the many rewards associated with locum tenens practice. While some clinicians take locums jobs to explore the country, those who prefer a smaller travel radius also enjoy the lifestyle and the many benefits this career alternative can bring, such as supplemental income, flexible scheduling, and varied practice settings.

Here, we look at seven advantages of doing locums nearer to where you live.

  1. More control over your time. Whether you would like to work more structured hours, so you could, say, coach your child’s soccer games, help care for your aging parents, enjoy a standing date night with your partner, or dedicate more time to volunteering or pursuing an activity, locum tenens practice can provide you with greater control over your schedule and opportunities to spend more time with your loved ones, helping your community, and following your passions.
  2. Limited travel. You can accept an assignment in relatively close proximity to your home or contracts at facilities within driving distance – possibly a couple of hours away or more local. As you would be working in an adjacent community or an area somewhat near to where you reside, you would likely be familiar with things like traffic patterns and travel times.
  3. Exploring new attractions. Another perk of nearby contracts is uncovering a new favorite place somewhat close to home. You may stumble upon a wonderful restaurant or a convenient shopping center, or make time to tour a public garden, historical site, or museum you had not seen before.
  4. Expanding your network. Accepting temporary contracts at nearby facilities will allow you to broaden your professional network. You can see firsthand how things are done in other practice settings, and you have the chance to form and/or strengthen relationships with neighboring colleagues.
  5. Supplementing your income. If you are currently in a permanent position, using a few long weekends or some of your vacation time to take short-term assignments close to home can help you supplement your income to achieve financial goals, whether they include paying off student loans, saving for a down payment on a house, funding a child’s college education, or building a nest egg for retirement.
  6. Working “vacations.” Local(ish) contracts may be your first choice (or your preference for now). But as a locum tenens provider, you have the ability to switch things up whenever you like. You could take a locums job at a facility in another state, for example, and bring your family along when it best suits their schedules. Like you, they will get to experience life as a local in another part of the country and enjoy a break from their ordinary routines. You may even choose to add extra time in the area at the beginning or end of your assignment, and during your downtime, you can explore nearby sights and attractions together.
  7. Reduced risk of burnout. One of the most significant benefits of doing locum tenens – wherever the location may be – is how significantly it helps to alleviate burnout. Having more control over your own schedule, working in new practice settings with different colleagues, and being able to focus on your patients instead of administrative duties can help you feel revitalized and renew your passion for practicing medicine.

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