6 Tips to Making Friends While on Locum Tenens Assignments

6 Tips to Making Friends While on Locum Tenens AssignmentsFriendship takes on many forms: There are lifelong friends from childhood, pals we met in college, and work colleagues. These relationships play important functions in our lives, from sharing interests and activities to mentoring and counseling. Research by the American Psychological Association even indicates friendships deliver healthy benefits, such as better immune function, less stress, and faster recovery from illness.

Other research suggests the older we get, the less likely we are to forge new friendships. However, that’s one of the key benefits of a locum tenens career. With each assignment, physicians and advanced practice providers arrive at a facility where they meet a new set of co-workers and community members, which means chances to make new friends.

Expanding your social circle as an adult really can be as easy as finding pals when you were younger, especially if you incorporate the following tips from

1. Be Open

Welcoming the possibility of a new relationship requires a personal commitment and mindful action. Before walking into a locum tenens job, adopt a mindset of greeting people you meet with a willingness to learn about their uniqueness. That open-minded perspective increases the likelihood of connecting with others over something in common, such as professional experiences.

2. Try New Things

Locum tenens makes this step almost a given. Going to various locations in and of itself is trying something new, but once there, be willing to engage in local activities through which you could meet potential friends outside of work.

3. Accept Invitations

From the most casual offer, like joining someone for lunch or participating in potlucks, to the more formal invitation to attend social or professional gatherings, seize each opportunity to build your professional and personal network of contacts.

4. Find Local Groups

If you are active in clubs at home, look for a local chapter in your temporary hometown. Your familiarity with the organization can put you on the fast track to meeting like-minded individuals. The same approach can be applied to hobbies. If you like to bicycle, for instance, look for a biking group that meets at a time convenient with your shift schedule. There are groups that get together to play board games, discuss books, celebrate cultural events, or practice skills like acting or standup comedy. You can also download apps to find gatherings, events, and virtual activities with other people who share your interests and hobbies.

5. Attend a Place of Worship

Finding a local place of worship while on locum tenens assignments offers individuals a familiar environment to meet others, as well as a place for personal reflection.

6. Maintain Social Connections

Social media makes staying in touch with friends, old and new, easier. Post pictures so family and friends at home can see what experiences you are having on assignment. Invite new friends to follow your accounts—and vice versa—to stay current with each other after a locum tenens contract ends. Messaging new acquaintances via text or social media platforms also encourages ongoing contact so friendships survive distances and time.

Whether making friends is one of your goals in pursuing locum tenens jobs, or just a beneficial plus, being friendly can ease your acclimation on any new contract. What’s more, your genuineness undoubtedly will be well-received by staff and patients.

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