5 Tips for Welcoming Locum Tenens Providers Into Your Facility

5 Tips for Welcoming Locum Tenens Providers Into Your FacilityBy the time locum tenens providers arrive at your facility to begin a short- or long-term contract, a lot of effort has gone into identifying the need, defining qualifications, and choosing the best candidate. That’s stage one of the overall experience.

Stage two centers more on acclimating the physician or advanced practice provider to your environment and staff as quickly as possible. Formal orientations address many of the logistical aspects of your facility’s procedures and protocols. But there’s more to helping locum tenens providers feel welcomed. There’s a relationship-building element, too.

Fortunately, making a temporary clinician feel at home in an unfamiliar setting doesn’t involve an elaborate plan. Here are five simple suggestions on how to welcome locum tenens providers into your facility.

Identify a Go-to Contact
Assigning a primary contact person instills a sense of support for the locum tenens clinician from the get-go. Plus, the provider saves time by not having to figure out who is the best person to answer questions. This staff member should be someone the locum tenens provider can call with questions about department functions, how to arrange consults, or about anything that could affect patient care. Ideally, the contact person also has an in-depth understanding of the organization’s electronic medical records system.

Encourage Approachability
Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs who work locum tenens frequently find themselves appointed to busy hospitals, clinics, or multi-specialty practice groups. After all, you contract with All Star Healthcare Solutions because you have a staffing void that needs filling. Providers also realize they will be expected to begin caring for patients as soon as possible. However, it’s reasonable to expect co-workers to present an open and supportive attitude. Kind gestures, such as cheerful greetings, and a general courteous demeanor from staff go a long way toward building rapport.

Share Facility News
Although many providers opt for locums positions to minimize administrative commitments and maximize patient time, being kept in the loop on hospital happenings is another way to promote acclimation. You don’t have to alert them to everything occurring within the organization, but certainly sharing news that directly pertains to patient care or their own safety, for example, is a necessity for cohesive operations.

Extend Social Invitations
While workplace celebrations have quieted somewhat in recent years, it is still appropriate and appreciated to extend invitations to temporary colleagues. Ask locum tenens providers to bring a dish to department potlucks. Offer them a chance to participate in fun-loving activities, like casual get-togethers or charity fundraisers. Taking the time to specifically include locums providers in informal events elicits a sense of inclusivity.

Key in on Community Knowledge
No one knows a community better than the people living there. Suggest staff share with locum tenens providers their favorite places to eat, shop, and work out. In fact, compiling a list of restaurants, shopping centers, local nightlife, cultural venues, and recreational outlets can be a valuable resource and thoughtful welcome gift for future locum tenens professionals as well as new staff.

Physicians and advanced practice providers accept locum tenens opportunities at healthcare facilities nationwide with the understanding that their presence will be temporary. That said, a few friendly overtures from staff and administrators are sure to foster of a sense of teamwork that benefits everyone, including patients.

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