22 New Year Resolutions for a Successful Career in Locum Tenens

22 New Year Resolutions for a Successful Career in Locum TenensThe calendar tells us it’s once again time to declare new year resolutions. Instead of resorting to the generic themes that get recycled year after year, consider setting one big goal: pursuing locum tenens opportunities in 2022.

Here are 22 ways to find success with locum tenens.

  1. Get started now: There is no better time to initiate the process toward a locum tenens career than right now. Of course, All Star Healthcare Solutions is ready to help.
  2. Determine your intent: What interests you most about locum tenens? Is it the travel? Do you want to expand your practice to various settings? Or are you looking to increase earning potential? There is no one reason physicians and advanced practice providers agree to temporary positions, but understanding your motivations can help define the type of contracts that best meet your expectations.
  3. Choose a staffing company: Even if you are not sure when you’d like to accept locums jobs, it’s never too early to establish a relationship with a staffing company. All Star Healthcare Solutions is a full-service staffing company that can provide you with locum tenens, locums-to-perm, and permanent job opportunities.
  4. Define practice particulars: Discuss with your All Star consultant the types of clinical environments that appeal to you, whether that reflects your current practice setting or differs in elements such as patient caseload or acuity.
  5. Create a destination wish list: The opportunity to travel oftentimes drives providers to consider locum tenens. Of course, locales are determined by the facilities in need of supplemental staff, but it’s always a good idea to clue in your consultant on where you’d like to go. If not specific cities, you can name regions.
  6. Seek licensure: If you like the idea of venturing out of state, begin applying for licenses with the appropriate medical boards.
  7. Update your CV: A few minutes to review and bring your curriculum vitae current is time well spent.
  8. Gather documents: Locum tenens providers undergo a thorough credentialing that includes vetting education, professional experience, licenses, and certifications. Having the necessary documents readily available can speed up the verifications.
  9. Contact references: If you’re new to locum tenens, you will be asked to supply references. Before that step, give them advance notice so they know to expect the call/email and will respond in a timely fashion.
  10. Review locum tenens jobs: Your All Star consultant will always be on the lookout for opportunities that match your skill set and preferences. The jobs page on our website is constantly updated with recent postings, too.
  11. Grant permission: When a short-term position that aligns with your background opens up, your consultant will ask for your permission to present your profile to the facility. A quick response is always appreciated.
  12. Ask questions: The more information you know about a temporary job, the more confident you will be upon arrival at the facility, ready to treat patients. Your All Star consultant serves as your go-to resource. They’re always ready to answer questions as you progress through the process.
  13. Respond to privileging requests: Facilities seeking supplemental staff usually have a pressing need and want practitioners on site as soon as possible. The faster you turn in documentation required to secure hospital privileges, the sooner you’ll be setting off on assignment.
  14. Study EMRs: Each contract summary should reveal the type of electronic medical records (EMRs) system employed at the facility. If you are not fluent in the program, take the initiative to review the how-tos online.
  15. Be friendly: Each contract offers the chance to expand your professional network and establish new personal friendships.
  16. Stay connected with family: Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to video chat with loved ones while away on a contract.
  17. Get out and about: Take advantage of downtime to explore your temporary home. Check out eateries, cultural centers, and recreational outlets.
  18. Invite family: Turn locum tenens opportunities into working vacations. Family members can join you, and you can even tack on extra days for extra fun.
  19. Post-contract updates: After each locum tenens job, update your CV with the facility’s name, location, and dates.
  20. Provide feedback: Your All Star consultant may not be on assignment with you but is only a phone call or email away. We want to hear about your experience.
  21. Be flexible: As a locum tenens professional, you are aiding facilities in meeting patient needs and supporting their continuity of care. That may require a bit of flexibility on your part with details, such as contract dates, shift timing, and even location.
  22. Keep communicating: Stay in touch with your All Star consultant all year long, whether you are practicing locum tenens or not. They’ll be your biggest advocate, and ready to help when you are ready for more locum tenens opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about All Star and how we can help you succeed in locum tenens, call 800-928-0229 to speak with one of our dedicated consultants, or contact us online.