Let Locum Tenens Help Direct Your Job Search

Let Locum Tenens Help Direct Your Job Search

Did you know adding locum tenens opportunities to your job-search toolkit could be the key advantage to identifying and accepting your next dream job? Here are six ways to use locum tenens practice to conduct an informed and effective job search.

1. Refine job description parameters
For some providers, figuring out exactly what you want with the next job may start off as a general idea rather than a list of specifics. It’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint characteristics without firsthand knowledge. Maybe you like the idea of a fast-paced level I trauma center but haven’t worked in that type of clinical setting before. Perhaps the schedule associated with an outpatient clinic is appealing, but you are accustomed to varying shifts and call duty. The advantage of working locum tenens is that you can test out a variety of facilities and job arrangements that range in size, patient acuity, and schedules. At All Star Healthcare Solutions, we present locums opportunities that not only match providers’ skills but also correlate with personal preferences, which could change from assignment to assignment.

2. Make firsthand assessments
Even if you have a fairly clear idea of what you desire in your next job, not all employers are alike. Confidently choosing where to practice comes from collecting information on various factors, such as workplace culture, acuity level, and patient population, and making sure they satisfy your expectations. There are few better ways to gauge such characteristics than being immersed in the environment. Locum tenens jobs do just that. You are fulfilling shifts like staff members, which gives an insider’s perspective. You experience directly how a unit functions, see how well you fit in with staff, and can judge whether the facility could be your next long-term home. The flexibility of locum tenens also allows you to move on upon contract completion if you would like to try out other opportunities.

3. Continue working while you look
Whether you don’t want to be tied to one employer while looking for your next professional opportunity or wish to maintain your current job, you can still test the waters with locum tenens. All Star partners with providers who accept one contract after another on a full-time basis, as well as those who only occasionally agree to assignments on days off. Both strategies can help you gather the intel required to make informed career decisions.

4. Live where you work
If you would like to include a change of home address along with change of employment, doing locum tenens is a great way to get a personal sense of the community. What’s more, you can bring family members along on assignment, so they can check out the parks, schools, and cultural and recreational elements in person, too. Be sure to alert your All Star consultant in case specific housing accommodations will be required. Also repeat assignments to the same community and/or facility can help providers and families spend more time in a location to really determine if it feels like home.

5. Adhering to non-compete agreements
Oftentimes, changing employers within a region comes with a contractual non-compete agreement to not practice at another facility within a given mile radius for a defined period of time, such as six or 12 months. Meanwhile, you still have financial obligations. Taking locum tenens assignments empowers you to continue earning income without violating that contract stipulation before starting your new staff position. For out-of-state temporary positions, All Star’s “Red Carpet” Service includes assisting physicians and advanced practitioners in securing the necessary licenses.

6. Keep clinical skills current
What if you want to transition into a non-clinical role but still want to keep up to date in caring for patients? Locum tenens jobs enable providers to have the best of both worlds.

Decide on direct hire
Of course, if you prefer to go immediately into a staff job, All Star is ready to help find direct-hire opportunities for you. As a full-service staffing agency, both our Locums and Direct Hire Divisions coordinate efforts to help physicians and advanced practice providers find their ideal work environment regardless of what path they take to get there.

To speak with an All Star Healthcare Solutions consultant from either our Locums or Direct Hire Divisions, call 800-928-0229, or contact us online, today!