4 Benefits of Working Locum Tenens in Other States

4 Benefits of Working Locum Tenens in Other StatesTraveling out of state to work locum tenens offers healthcare professionals a unique perspective. You become a temporary resident of your assignment community, which presents an awesome opportunity to experience a location on a more genuine level than afforded the typical business traveler or vacationer. Out-of-state contracts grant physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified registered nurse anesthetists an extraordinary glimpse into the diversity of American life, as well as the chance to enhance their understanding of healthcare across the country. Indeed, there are many personal and professional benefits to going out of state for locum tenens practice.

1. Environmental Exploration
From the beaches to the mountains, rivers, lakes, plains, and deserts, there are so many types of terrains throughout the country. Accepting a contract in another state could introduce you to the wonders of different geographies and associated activities. Ski the Rockies in the West or the Green Mountains in the Northeast. Fish the Great Lakes or the Gulf of Mexico. Hike trails in the Pacific Northwest or Mid-Atlantic region. There is so much to see and do outdoors all year round.

2. Cultural Immersion
Every town, big and small, has a unique personality, and by living in it for several days to several weeks or months, you have an invitation to see its interesting quirks and hidden treasures. Individuals on locum tenens jobs have the luxury to hear how co-workers and residents feel about their community, and get insider tips on what to do and see around town. Ask about what’s popular in the area. What landmarks are nearby? Is there a quaint (or infamous) local lore?

Different areas of the country also are home to various population enclaves, where cultural influences are celebrated. A short- or long-term contract out of state is a chance to experience various heritage and cultural traditions. From attending festivals, to shopping in ethnic neighborhoods, to appreciating local art, these types of experiences add personal value to an assignment.

3. Taste of Region
Whether you are an amateur chef or prefer to let someone else do the cooking, living in a new community serves up a menu of regional fare. For example, check out the varying flavor palate of barbecue sauces between North Carolina, Kansas, and Texas. Louisiana Creole ingredients stir up one type of flavor profile, whereas the Scandinavian influence evident in the Upper Midwest is a whole other type of dish. If you are an adventurous gastronome, ask around for restaurant referrals, especially to locally owned eateries. If you feel like exercising your culinary skills, visit farmers’ markets or interesting grocers for local ingredients.

4. Understand Regional Healthcare
Out-of-state locum tenens positions present a new view of healthcare, too. You will be introduced to peers who may approach cases from a different point of view, and patients’ responses may vary from what you are used to receiving at home. These assignments will allow you to witness how regional and cultural influences affect healthcare, from common conditions to cultural beliefs regarding family member involvement or end-of-life care, for example. Each locums contract in a new location can be viewed as an opportunity to broaden your experiences and incorporate the best of them into your skill set, thusly, further preparing you for the next job.

Preparing to Go Out of State
Before you can practice in another state, you must first secure a license from that state’s licensing board. All Star Healthcare Solutions has a team dedicated to assisting providers with the licensure process.

Participating in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) also can cut down on the time it takes to complete licensure. Eligible physicians whose home state is one of the IMLC member states can apply for licensure through the Compact instead of each individual board. Each state board remains the issuer; the process is just streamlined and tends to progress at a faster pace.

If you have an inkling for travel, a personal penchant to learn about American communities, and a desire for professional exploration, contact an All Star consultant today to get started on your locum tenens journey— call 800-928-0229, or contact us online.