Resolve to Experience More in 2024 with Locum Tenens

Resolve to Experience More in 2024 with Locum Tenens

Believe it or not, kicking off the new calendar year with resolutions dates back more than 4,000 years to the ancient Babylonians. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, it was the time of year when people made promises to pay debts or return farming equipment. At some point in time, the tradition morphed into the now common habit of setting personal goals as the old year turns into a new one.

Instead of repeating some of the same old resolutions for 2024, consider the following suggestions that not only are adaptable to a locum tenens career, but could help physicians and advanced practitioners find renewed professional satisfaction.

  1. Challenge Yourself By Doing Something Different

Mark off this resolution with every locum tenens assignment you accept throughout the year. Each temporary contract ushers in an opportunity to practice in a new setting, meet new co-workers, and care for a different patient population. Additionally, you learn about a community, expand your professional network, and make an impact on patients, their families, and the facility’s staff.

  1. Become More Mindful

Taking a locum tenens job away from home for several days or weeks (sometimes even months) may introduce more moments into your day to be mindful. By living and working outside your home environment, the need to transition from treating patients to tackling everyday to-dos is minimized. Fill some of that free time with self-care activities, such as mindfulness exercises. For suggestions, start with our blog, “Mindfulness Practices to Enhance the Locum Tenens Experience.”

  1. Gain Financial Freedom

Oftentimes, this new year’s resolution pertains to paying off credit cards or shaving off principal on debt like student loans. If this is your goal, let locum tenens help. Contracts offer competitive pay rates and moonlighting with the occasional locums contract also serves as a great supplemental income source.

  1. Learn Something New

A locum tenens practice is an ideal conduit to accomplishing this resolution. Working alongside a plethora of peers who have varying backgrounds presents moments to observe how they deliver care. They may have more experience or knowledge with certain medications or insight into regional, ethnic, or cultural influences on residents’ perception of medical care. Equally, assignments create the environment to share your expertise or knowledge of new research or technology, for instance.

  1. Expand Your Family

For this resolution, consider a revised definition of “family,” such as your professional family. As a locum tenens provider, you meet a diverse group of co-workers. Each assignment is an invitation to grow your network of contacts. Don’t forget, your All Star consultant is one of the most valuable members of your work family. They listen closely to your preferences and sincerely take an interest in how locum tenens can support your life goals (and don’t be surprised if that professional relationship turns into a genuine friendship along the way).

  1. Devote More Time For Yourself and Others

Finding time for family, friends, community, and yourself as well as for patients, co-workers, and the hours necessary to fulfill administrative duties is a challenge for healthcare professionals in all specialties and all practice settings. The schedule flexibility of locum tenens helps create room to have the time to look after yourself and your connections with others. One of the best parts of the career alternative is that you control when you accept temporary contracts. Of course, the other side of that is the freedom to decide to take time away from work and focus on yourself, family, friends, and/or community. Discuss with your All Star recruiter your ideal contract length along with preferred breaks between assignments.

  1. Start/Finish Projects

Schedule flexibility also creates time allowances for other interests, such as indulging in hobbies after shifts or on days off. Even better, request assignments in locations that will support your personal pursuits. For provider-entrepreneurs, arrange locum tenens contracts to allot days in between to attend to business matters. Or resolve to schedule time off to attend to items on your personal or household to-do list.

  1. Give Back

Here’s another resolution that makes an appearance each new year. As a locum tenens provider, you accomplish this goal with every invitation to practice at a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare organization in need of additional clinicians. Your presence aids both patients and permanent staff. Let your All Star recruiter know if you wish to extend that giving spirit by seeking jobs in specific communities, such as those designated as healthcare or maternal deserts, where services are severely limited or absent.

  1. Fulfill Your Professional Goals

The new year is a great time to identify where you’d like to take your next career step. Are you interested in finding a new employer or relocating? All Star Healthcare Solutions’ Direct-Hire Division can you get there. Our recruiters continually build relationships with healthcare organizations across the country and will prioritize your must-haves for that next staff position.

In the interim, consider locums to test out a variety of clinical settings or satisfy a curiosity about how patient populations may vary from small towns to big cities. For physicians just out of residency or fellowship, locums places you in varying clinical and community environments so you can identify what will best fit your objectives for the long term.

Whatever your goals may be for 2024, All Star Healthcare Solutions wants to help you accomplish them. Call us today at 800-928-0229, or contact us online.