Personalize Your Career Choices with Locum Tenens Opportunities

Personalize Your Career Choices with Locum Tenens Opportunities

The portrait of a medical practice is undergoing an interesting makeover. Of course, the educational path for doctors, physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) still follows the traditional routes. But what constitutes a typical practice setup for physicians and advanced practice providers today?

Various studies indicate healthcare professionals would like to exert more influence on how to mold their careers. According to the Bain Frontline of Healthcare survey, a more manageable workload, more flexible work arrangements, and more clinically focused job responsibilities rank among the most important criteria to clinicians today. What those wishes look like when implemented varies from person to person. But when the goal is to build a practice to suit your life, the flexible nature of locum tenens becomes a valuable tool. Read on to see how you can personalize your career with locum tenens opportunities.

Personalize Your Career with More Flexible Scheduling
Assignments come in all kinds of configurations, from a few days over a weekend to a more regular schedule over a few weeks or months. You decide which contracts best complement your needs and goals, including scheduling details such as call duty or number of days on/off. What’s more, a locum tenens practice can adjust if your needs and goals change, giving providers more personal authority over their work calendars.

Personalize Your Career with More Time Off
Of course, if you have control over when you choose to work, you also have more say over how much time you spend away from the job. This is especially applicable to physicians, NPs, PAs, and CRNAs who opt to practice locum tenens full time. Stay home for a bit before setting off on your next assignment. Fulfill a few consecutive contracts before refueling with a couple of weeks or longer at home, on a medical mission, or a leisure trip. Discuss your preferred formula with your All Star Healthcare Solutions consultant.

Personalize Your Career with a More Patient-Centric Approach
Multiple studies reiterate the fact that providers feel too much of their time is committed to administrative duties. Given that, it’s no surprise that locum tenens providers find the release from many non-clinical tasks a key benefit of the career alternative. Instead, that time is reallocated to direct care and interacting with patients and their family members.

Personalize Your Career with Clinical Setting Selection
All Star Healthcare Solutions connects physicians and advanced practitioners with facilities of all sizes and types across the country. A locum tenens practice allows you to move from one clinical setting to another of varying size or patient population if you wish. Even when moonlighting with locum tenens, you can seek an environment that differs from your home facility. Share your practice preferences with your recruiter.

Personalize Your Career with Locum Tenens
By combining schedule flexibility, time away from the job, and greater attention to patients in settings that reflect your practice style, locum tenens offers providers a platform on which you can create a more individualized workload based on your personal needs and goals.

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