Packing Tips for Your Next Locum Tenens Contract

Packing Tips for Your Next Locum Tenens ContractWhether you are getting ready to fly out to a new locum tenens contract or preparing to depart on a dream vacation, packing is a necessity that easily can become rote or automatic. But a few minutes of careful attention toward what and how to pack, as suggested in the following tips, can make your time away smoother and more enjoyable.

Avoid Over- or Under-packing
There are two common packing strategies: One is to bring as little as possible, so you only have a carryon case instead of checking luggage; and the other is to pack for every conceivable possibility. Both approaches have pros and cons.

For example, allocating room for only scrubs may mean skipping the wait at baggage claim, but it doesn’t take into account off-duty activities you might enjoy. Will you need workout clothes? Are casual items enough, or is there a likelihood you might want to dine out or attend a cultural event that suggests a more formal attire? That said, if you will be gone only a few days for a quick assignment, then there is probably no need to bring along a variety of clothing.

Preparing for any possibility while away from home has certain advantages, but overpacking can cost time as well as cash if the luggage exceeds airline weight standards or requires multiple suitcases.

The trick is to determine wardrobe choices specific to each assignment based on contract length and, of course, location.

Plan for Weather
Indeed, Mother Nature may be the ultimate decider for what type of clothes to take on a trip. Review local forecasts for your assignment destination and plan accordingly, including possible options. For example, if you are going to a cold region, but do not own winter outerwear, bring along enough items to add layers for warmth. If you hope to have fun in the snow, check into renting gear once you arrive in town, saving valuable suitcase space.

Make a Locums List
Packing for locum tenens experiences differs from packing for vacations or leisure getaways. If you are new to the career alternative, compiling a list of must-have items will help in getting ready. In addition to organizing personal items, add copies of licenses, certificates, and CV to the list in case the facility asks for the documents once you arrive on site. (Note, these can be electronic files.)

Also, jot down anything you deem necessary to doing the job, such as a personal stethoscope or a favorite pair of work shoes. Don’t forget to include miscellaneous items. If you want to catch up on reading during downtime, add journals or books to the list. If you want to participate in hobbies while on assignment, write down all the gear you wish to bring.

Focus on Personal Well-being
As you know, it is important to bring medications on any trip (keep them in a carryon just in case your baggage catches a separate flight). But don’t forget vitamins, your favorite protein powder, melatonin, or any health or nutrition product you use on a regular basis.

Providers who frequently accept locum tenens jobs may find it worth the expenditure to keep a separate supply of medications and health products along with a full set of toiletries so they are always ready to go even on short notice.

Charge It
It seems like the number of electronic devices we rely on just keeps growing. Remember to pack chargers not only for your phone and computers or tablets, but also for electronic toothbrushes, flossers, or anything that requires a charge. If you use good old-fashioned batteries, replace the old ones with fresh batteries before you depart.

Get Organized
If you are particular about keeping clothes protected (and as wrinkle-free as possible) consider investing in packing cubes. Seasoned travelers swear by their convenience, especially if you are planning to be gone for a length of time and need to pack more pieces.

Don’t Forget Favorites
Finally, bring along items from home that will make you more comfortable while working locum tenens, such as favorite pajamas or pillowcase.

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