Mid-Career Providers Find Professional Rewards with Locum Tenens Opportunities

Mid-Career Providers Find Professional Rewards with Locum Tenens Opportunities

If it’s been at least a decade since you finished residency or fellowship, then by most measurements, you have reached the “mid-career” stage. You’ve spent the past 10 or more years accomplishing multiple goals: establishing yourself as a specialist, building a patient clientele, and/or gaining management responsibilities. Are you ready to invest in new goals? Are you interested in balancing your professional duties with outside projects, such as medical missions or starting a business venture? Maybe you and the family are open to moving to a new town, which requires a new job.

Assessing your next career move at this stage can be just as exciting and offer as many — or more — possibilities than when you finished training. Locum tenens opportunities can help you formulate a plan. These temporary experiences will supply you with invaluable firsthand impressions and evaluations that can help identify key criteria for what’s next.

Build a Broader Network of Professional Contacts
The All Star Healthcare Solutions job board on our website features opportunities for physicians and advanced practice providers. These postings are great for telling the what, where, and when, but the who can make an impactful difference if you are considering a major career move. In locum tenens, your All Star recruiter can be one of the most influential individuals in your network. Our consultants keep you informed, guide you through the various steps, and seek to resolve any questions you may have throughout the locum tenens journey.

Another key benefit of using locum tenens to shape your mid-career goals is that each short- or long-term assignment puts you in contact with a variety of professionals. Forming relationships with the people you meet on contract offers multiple rewards, such as accumulating professional references that could lead to future possibilities.

Take Charge of Scheduling
Staff clinicians can log 50-plus hours each week, especially when patient census climbs. A vacation is a great break from the work routine and a chance to relax and/or concentrate on loved ones. But then it’s back to the same old schedule. A locum tenens practice can change that. Physicians and advanced practitioners who adopt the locum tenens career alternative full time control their assignment calendar. Depending on your personal preferences, that could entail a few days off between contracts or multiple weeks off. It’s your decision. Providers in the middle of their careers may find this freedom refreshing and more accommodating for family life.

And, if you have outside interests, such as entrepreneurial endeavors or medical missions, there’s no need to postpone them until retirement when you cut back on clinical hours. Locum tenens schedules can support both your professional and extracurricular interests right now.

Expand Your Experiences
Other than continuing medical education (CME) requirements, mid-career providers typically haven’t been in the student or trainee role for quite some time. In fact, it is more likely you have assumed a teaching or mentoring posture, advising newer doctors and advanced practitioners. Locum tenens experiences, however, open up possibilities to expand your skill set and knowledge base. Exposure to other clinicians might showcase different approaches to procedures, for example, or practice styles incorporating cultural or regional nuances.

Add Variety to Your Professional Background
A change of venue can stimulate a renewed interest in your medical profession. Use locum tenens jobs to work in larger or smaller facilities. Use assignments to gain more experience with specific types of cases, such as higher level traumas, or to take a break from high-acuity conditions. Use temporary contracts to learn about different patient populations. The variety can help providers from burning out on the routine.

Prepare for a Job Change
It is not unusual for people in the middle of their careers to switch employers. Maybe you want to relocate, change workplaces, or look for a new role. As a full-service staffing company, All Star Healthcare Solutions’ Direct Hire recruiters can identify permanent positions that meet your criteria. If you want to test the waters first, our Locums consultants will present short- or long-term opportunities where you can immerse yourself in the clinical and community environments before making a job move. Agreeing to locums enables you to make well-informed, confident choices for your next career stage.

Whether you have a clearly defined path ahead or are undetermined about which direction to turn, All Star Healthcare Solutions can help you get to that next stop.

To learn more about locum tenens or direct-hire opportunities, contact All Star Healthcare Solutions today online or by calling 800-928-0229.