Flexibility Pays Off for Locum Tenens Professionals

Flexibility Pays Off for Locum Tenens Professionals

Five common benefits associated with a career in locum tenens are:

  • More control over your work schedule.
  • Supplemental income.
  • Travel to various cities and states.
  • A variety of clinical settings.
  • Testing out different environments before deciding where to pursue long-term employment.

The key to receiving the most of each advantage is to embrace a degree of flexibility.

Flexibility with Scheduling
It’s up to you when to agree to locum tenens jobs, as well as when to take time off. However, being flexible with dates and contract lengths broadens the breadth of opportunities presented for your consideration. Also, your willingness to accept assignments during popular vacation times, such as the holidays, enables staff providers the flexibility to spend time with loved ones and attend to their own self-care needs to prevent the effects of burning out on the job.

Flexibility with Income Potential
Your All Star Healthcare Solutions consultant will inform you of a contract’s specifics when bringing the opportunity to your attention, including the pay rate. Although locum tenens pay typically is based on regional rates for healthcare providers, there may be instances when facilities offer bonuses or boost rates, such as positions that need to be filled immediately. Discuss your financial parameters with your consultant, but also have a range in mind that offers a little wiggle room to accommodate a variety of assignments.

Flexibility with Locations
If you choose to compile a wish list of the places you would like to practice as a locum tenens provider, your recruiter will strive to match you with quality assignments in or near those cities whenever possible. However, staying open to other locations could lead you to discover quaint, friendly, exciting, or appealing communities that were nowhere near your original radar but turn out to be wonderful places to live and practice temporarily.

Flexibility with Facility Type and Size
If assignment location is your priority, entertaining various types of clinical settings or shift options may increase the probability of landing a locum tenens job in the city of your choice. The same can be said about strict shift preferences. If you really hope to avoid night shifts or call duty, for example, then think about accepting locum tenens opportunities at healthcare organizations other than hospitals, such as clinics, outpatient centers, private practice groups, or urgent care centers. Tell your consultant which assignment elements are most important to you and which factors you are more likely to flex on.

Flexibility with Locum Tenens Goals
The locum tenens career alternative satisfies different goals for different people, and even different objectives at different career stages. That professional flexibility can work to your benefit. An example could be accepting assignments after residency so you can get a feel for various settings before establishing yourself in a permanent practice. Or would you like to supplement your income to pay down debt, save up for kids’ college funds, or cushion a down payment without impacting your everyday budget? Yet another goal could be to wind down your weekly hours but keep up skills as you transition into retirement.

There are any number of other goals you may wish to accomplish and for which locum tenens could be a valuable tool. Inform your All Star consultant if circumstances change so they can adjust assignment parameters to match your new goals.

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