Experiencing the Locums Lifestyle With a Partner Who Works Remotely

Experiencing the Locums Lifestyle With a Partner Who Works Remotely

Have you ever wanted to ask a spouse, significant other, or close friend or relative to accompany you on locum tenens assignments, but the other person’s job required them to report to the office every day? Now that restriction may no longer exist, which makes it the perfect time to bring a travel companion along on locum tenens opportunities.

Where people work today is far more fluid than ever before. The pandemic changed workplace rules, allowing many people to clock in from home or even from temporary homes in different cities. This newfound flexibility allows providers to share their locums lifestyle, and reap the benefits of enjoying the company of a travel companion.

Living together
Thanks to the prevalence of video call apps, text messaging, and social media, it is easier to stay connected with loved ones at home when you travel to a locum tenens position. But there’s something refreshing about being greeted in person by someone you know and appreciate after putting in a shift at work. The sentiment plays to the companion’s favor, too. After spending a day attending virtual meetings, it can be a welcome break to catch up with a friend or loved one face to face.

Exploring the community together
Testing out restaurant menus, taking in the nightlife, and sightseeing points of interest are great activities to fill free time during a locum tenens contract. However, they may be twice the fun when making memories with a partner or friend. And while the two of you are on the job when you are in town, spending days off together can feel like mini vacations.

Training together
If you and your travel buddy enjoy competing as a duo, such as marathons, triathlons, or accomplishing extreme sports as a team, then locum tenens assignments enable you to continue to train with each other. According to the CDC, people are more likely to be motivated, consistent, and adventurous when working out with a friend. If there is a specific race you both wish to enter, ask your All Star Healthcare Solutions consultant to inquire about opportunities near the date and site of the competition.

Careful considerations
While there are many benefits to inviting another person to share the locums lifestyle with you, especially when they can meet their own career obligations remotely, there are a few logistics to consider before packing up their laptop.

  • Office setup

Providers report to a hospital, clinic, or other clinical setting to care for patients, but remote workers set up their temporary office on the nearest table or desk. Not only do they require a comfortable workstation, but a reliable internet connection is absolutely essential when traveling. Check out broadband availability and strength for the locums location at Also, a personal hotspot device and subscription can further ensure connectivity and internet security.

  • Living accommodations

When taking on locum tenens solo, oftentimes providers are booked into hotel room or small suites. This also may work for when a spouse or significant other comes along, but when friends join you on the road, alternative accommodations may be required. Check with your All Star consultant about housing options that may be more comfortable for you both.

  • Time differences

Depending on your partner’s work parameters, a West Coast assignment could mean logging on for an East Coast workday before the sun rises due to time zone differences. Acclimating to such details may not matter, but it’s a topic worth discussing beforehand.

  • Travel time

Even remote workers may have to go to the office occasionally, or return home to attend to other obligations. Of course, such responsibilities fall on the individual, however, it behooves both traveling partners to plan for such developments ahead of time. To increase convenience, for example, request an assignment near airports that offer direct flights to your hometown.

These are just a few details to contemplate when experiencing locum tenens adventures with a spouse, significant other, or friend or relative who works remotely. To make the most of the arrangement for both of you, inform your All Star consultant of your wishes. Our signature “Red Carpet” Service means we are committed to helping create the best experience possible.

To get started on your next locum tenens opportunity, with or without a travel companion, call 800-928-0229 today to speak with one of All Star’s dedicated consultants, or contact us online.