Establishing a Sense of Home While Working Locum Tenens

How To Make the Most of your LT Assignment CollageWhat is the first thing you do upon arriving home after caring for patients all day or night? Do you kick off your shoes, grab a beverage, turn on the TV, and unwind? If you just pulled a night shift, perhaps it’s a quick shower before climbing into bed.

Whatever your routine, home signifies a place of comfort. After all, it is where you house your belongings, eat and sleep, and make memories with loved ones. Having a sense of home is essential to your wellbeing – even when you are away from your permanent residence to practice locum tenens.

Reliable locum tenens staffing firms take the lead in finding appropriate accommodations for you, of course. But your voice is very important to the process because you can personalize certain aspects of your temporary home environment. Here, we highlight a few parameters to consider when sharing home-away-from-home preferences with your staffing company consultant.

Location, Location, Location
As the adage goes, location is king. However, not everyone shares the same idea of what constitutes a great place to hang your hat (or stethoscope), even for a short-term stay. As a locum tenens professional in town for a brief period, you may want a quick commute to work, so the closer to the hospital, the better. Then again, you may prefer a place situated near a city hub that is within walking distance to restaurants and cultural offerings. Does your schedule include overnight shifts? If you will be staying in a hotel, for instance, request a corner room far from the elevators or ask to be situated in an area known to be quiet during daytime hours, so sleep comes easy.

Space Allocations
For locum tenens jobs that only span a few days or a long weekend, a standard hotel room usually suffices in terms of living space. For longer assignments, though, you may feel more comfortable in a space where you can settle in a little and carry out activities you enjoy at home. For example, if you like to cook meals, you may want a full-size kitchen. If a spouse, significant other, or family members plan to join you on assignment, space becomes a premium. And of course, be sure to let your recruiter know if you wish to bring along a beloved pet, so they can seek out hotels or apartment complexes that are animal friendly.

Sense of Security
When you partner with a reputable company, you should expect “Red Carpet” Service and rest assured that safety is a top priority in reviewing housing options. Still, if there are certain details that will further enhance your sense of security, like having accommodations on a top floor, convey them to your consultant.

Procedures to Follow
Prior to leaving for your locum tenens assignment, confirm with your recruiter the process you should follow if repairs are needed at your temporary home. For instance, you may be instructed to contact your consultant directly to intervene and rectify the situation. But if it is a minor repair, you may be advised to communicate directly with the hotel or apartment management. A good rule of thumb: As soon as you arrive at your new lodgings, do a walk-through to make sure everything works and meets expectations.

Touches of Home
Even while you are away fulfilling locum tenens opportunities, you can personalize your interim accommodations with reminders of home as well as items that bring you comfort and joy. Simple things like bringing pillowcases and linens, framed pictures, or flameless candles can instantly make a new environment feel more familiar, welcoming, and homey.

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