Enjoying Seasonal Changes with Locum Tenens Opportunities

Enjoying Seasonal Changes with Locum Tenens Opportunities

The change of seasons can elicit an emotional response to environmental happenings. Spring is seen as a rebirth with plants sprouting new life amid warming temperatures. Summer means hot days, outdoor get-togethers, and vacations. Fall welcomes cooler days and colorful foliage. And winter is highlighted with holidays and snowscapes.

At least these are traditional descriptions of the four seasons, but the truth is regions experience seasons differently. Winter in the Rockies vastly contrasts with winter in the Southeast. Summer in the South feels very different than it does in the Pacific Northwest. With a locum tenens practice, physicians and advanced practitioners can experience the uniqueness of the seasons in various areas of the country.

The following are a few ideas of how to most enjoy your seasonal conditions.

Daylight Hours
If you accept a locum tenens job in a northern state during wintertime, earlier sunsets are to be expected. You may want to spend your evenings doing cozy indoor activities, such as catching up on reading, movie marathons, crafting projects, cooking/baking, and yoga/meditation.

Conversely, a summertime contract in the same area could have sunsets well past 9 p.m. Not only do you have more hours of sunshine to engage in your favorite outdoor exercises or hobbies, but the extra light could affect sleep routines. If your nighttime regimen starts while the sun’s still up, there are a few tricks to help you fall asleep. In addition to maintaining a steady schedule, you may want to bring along a relaxing eye mask or a favorite pillow, and sleep in north- or east-facing bedrooms when possible. Many hotels feature blackout curtains, which will help darken a room any time of day.

Clinicians heading south may experience the opposite sensation: a little more sunlight in the evenings throughout fall and winter and an earlier sunset in the late spring and summer. For the most part, this transition offers a smooth acclimation.

Outdoor Accommodations
All Star Healthcare Solutions places physicians and advanced practitioners in locum tenens assignments nationwide, and contracts in a variety of geographical areas during different seasons present opportunities to engage with the local environment. Snow ski and snowboard enthusiasts may like winter temporary jobs near the slopes of Colorado, Utah, or Vermont. Whereas beach-lovers may prefer assignments close to the Gulf Coast or Eastern Seaboard. In fact, you could use seasonal conditions as a reason to experiment with activities popular in the area or new to you. Alert your recruiter if you would like to land in a specific location during a specific time of year.

If the weather interferes with your downtime plans, scout your temporary community for an indoor option, like a rock-climbing venue or gym with a running track inside.

Food Fare
Throughout the summer and fall, communities across the country host farmers markets, where local growers showcase everything from produce and flowers to preserves and crafts. These events are a great way to get a taste for the community. Warmer climates have longer, even year-round growing seasons, which give amateur chefs access to fresh fare in winter and spring, too. If you’re not much into cooking, ask around for recommendations to restaurants that feature locally sourced ingredients.

Seasonal Affective Disorder
An estimated 10 million Americans face seasonal affective disorder (SAD) every year and another 10–20 percent of people may incur a mild case. Typically associated with fewer hours of sunlight during the winter, it can also be influenced by staying indoors for most of the day during summer. There are a few tricks to help overcome SAD. On days when the sun is shining and the temperature is moderate, go for a quick walk. Or, open the shades to start your day with some sunshine. Another preventive measure is to maintain a healthy workout regimen as well as consistent sleep patterns.

Adjustment Allowance
Experienced locum tenens professionals know familiarizing oneself with a new clinical setting takes time. The same is true for becoming attuned to a location’s weather and surroundings. If assignments take you from one seasonal environment to a location with contrasting conditions, prepare ahead of time by checking resources like the Farmers’ Almanac. Extended forecasts, for example, will inform you on how to plan accordingly.

The chance to travel to and live in various communities is one of the compelling factors of locum tenens, and using a change of seasons to explore new experiences can be a big bonus.

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