Busting the Top 10 Myths About a Career in Locum Tenens

Busting the Top 10 Myths About a Career in Locum Tenens

Are you curious about the locum tenens career alternative? Have you heard tidbits about the pros and cons and would like more comprehensive information? You’ve come to the right source!

As part of our signature “Red Carpet” Service, All Star Healthcare Solutions is committed to being upfront and transparent with our processes in matching physicians and advanced practitioners with locum tenens opportunities. Here, we demystify some of the common myths associated with the career alternative so you have a full and clear picture of what to expect and how you could benefit from locum tenens.

1. MYTH: Locum tenens providers become employees of staffing companies.
Physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) who agree to locum tenens jobs on either a full-time or occasional basis are not employees of All Star Healthcare Solutions nor the hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations seeking the services of supplemental staff. Rather, locum tenens providers function as independent contractors with the freedom to accept or decline assignments as they see fit. Providers are covered by All Star’s liability insurance throughout the duration of a locum tenens contract.

2. MYTH: A locum tenens practice is best suited for individuals transitioning into retirement.
Providers in all career stages accept locum tenens assignments, from those just out of residency to those who wish to keep their clinical skills sharp while enjoying the benefits of retirement.

3. MYTH: Only select specialties are requested for locum tenens jobs.
All Star Healthcare Solutions works with physicians across all medical specialties as well as NPs, PAs, and CRNAs. What’s more, our consultant teams focus on specialties, so the recruiter you connect with will understand the skills commonly requested within your field of practice. They know the terminology associated with your specialty. They are well-versed in what questions to ask facility administrators and managers. They become your experts, which results in highly qualified locum tenens jobs presented for your consideration.

4. MYTH: Locum tenens jobs are only available at small, rural hospitals.
Just as we work with all medical specialists, All Star partners with all types of healthcare organizations across the country. It’s true some contracts come from hospitals and clinics in smaller communities, but we also match providers to trauma centers in large metropolitan areas, multi-specialty private practice groups, and mid-size hospitals, surgery centers, and many other healthcare facilities in need of additional clinicians. Let your recruiter know which clinical setting you prefer.

5. MYTH: You can only moonlight with locum tenens.
One of the great things about locum tenens is that you decide when and how to incorporate the practice style into your schedule. Some providers use temporary assignments as an addendum to their permanent position to add variety into their practice or supplement their income. Then again, there are plenty of providers who select the career alternative as their full-time practice. In both cases, you have the benefit of schedule authority.

6. MYTH: Locum tenens assignments typically last just a few days.
There are a variety of circumstances that prompt facilities to request additional clinicians, such as vacations, family leave, open vacancies while they recruit their next staff members, seasonal patient census increases, and even adding new units or services, for example. This variety provides a spectrum of assignment possibilities. There are opportunities for short, quick contracts over a weekend, for example. Other jobs may run a week or two, and even a couple of months. Additionally, providers have agreed to return to a facility on a rotating schedule, such as once a month, which offers the chance to become more familiar with the facility, co-workers, and patients.

7. MYTH: Credentialing takes a long time and is labor-intensive.
Locum tenens providers do undergo thorough vetting before being placed in assignments to care for patients. However, your consultant, along with our Medical Staff Services experts, are available to assist and streamline the process. Our Online Services team gets you started with the All Star application process via our convenient Provider Portal. Your recruiter will coordinate with our credentialing experts to keep the process rolling, such as communicating updates and relaying requests for information. The effort during this stage will speed up the credentialing requirements to secure privileges to practice at facilities as a locum tenens professional.

8. MYTH: It’s hard to form relationships with co-workers and patients during temporary assignments.
From repeat contracts to providing individuals your undivided attention, locum tenens professionals have multiple opportunities to forge unique relationships with patients on their own terms. Additionally, many physicians and advanced practice providers say establishing new friendships on assignments is one of the great perks of the career choice.

9. MYTH: Locum tenens experience may affect future job searches.
Current industry conditions have made staffing a top priority for healthcare organizations, and more facilities are incorporating locum tenens into their staffing strategies. Indeed, accumulating a variety of experiences adds to your CV. Plus, when you work with All Star Healthcare Solutions, you have access to both our Locums and Direct Hire Divisions. If you wish to weigh your options for a new permanent staff role while simultaneously pursuing locum tenens jobs, our recruiters collaborate on both fronts to find you quality positions.

10. MYTH: All locum tenens staffing companies are alike.
Our signature “Red Carpet” Service, a dedication to go above and beyond as a standard, sets All Star Healthcare Solutions apart. We strive to form authentic relationships with physicians and advanced practice providers through which we learn about your professional hopes as well as your personal goals to match you to the most fulfilling opportunities.

To learn more about locum tenens, call a knowledgeable All Star Healthcare Solutions consultant today at 800-928-0229, or contact us online.