All Star Matches Candidates to Your Workplace Culture

All Star Matches Candidates to Your Workplace Culture

While clinical skills will always be the top priority when recruiting physicians and advanced practitioners to deliver high-caliber care to your patients, complementing your workplace culture is important, too. As your full-service staffing partner, All Star Healthcare Solutions reviews all factors when connecting providers with your organization.

The first step in our consultative approach is to get to know your hospital, outpatient clinic, private practice, or health system. The more we know about your workplace, the better we are able to identify candidates who will meld into and promote your organization’s personality. The following list contains examples of key characteristics that help us find individuals who meet both your locum tenens and direct-hire staffing needs.

  • Facility type and size – This information offers more than just a set of numbers or classification. It paints a general picture of scope, services offered, size of staff, and patient volume, which is a great starting point to describe a workplace to potential new hires and locums professionals.
  • Unit or practice pace – While acuity level sets the tone for any clinical setting, there are other details that will indicate if a provider’s practice style will be well suited to your workplace. For example, we may inquire about level of support staff and equipment on site. How many patients do providers typically see on shift? Is there call support for the unit? To that end, what are the requirements for call duty, including frequency and patient load? Having a realistic snapshot of the unit or practice where they will work benefits both you and candidates.
  • Patient population – When describing your patients, share key demographics beyond the clinical. Knowing about regional and cultural influences as well as the community’s socioeconomic conditions, for example, offers a more comprehensive profile.
  • Consults and mid-level support – In addition to explaining your facility’s access to specialists, explain the extent of nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and certified registered nurse anesthetist support. Or, are you looking for advanced practitioners to fill out your staffing roster? What responsibilities do they cover? Gathering this data helps our consultants inform potential locum tenens or direct-hire providers and empowers them to make informed career decisions. It also tells a more accurate, in-depth story about how your facility functions.
  • Facility celebrations – Do units decorate for the holidays or organize potlucks for those working during special occasions? We want to hear about how your organization injects fun into the workplace so we can pass along all elements of your culture.
  • Employee well-being – Internal initiatives are important to both locums and direct-hire candidates. They want to hear how employers are supporting staff with programs that emphasize schedule flexibility, employee education, and other benefits to better balance work and life commitments.
  • Technology support – Technology also tells a tale about your workplace. We want to share information about your current software being utilized and any other technology so locums and direct-hire providers are aware of any learning curve ahead. Is there an online tutorial available? Have you installed an artificial intelligence tool? How are requests for IT support handled? Being upfront with this information empowers All Star consultants to prepare providers ahead of their start date so they can acclimate as quickly as possible.
  • Reasons for staffing needs – For healthcare facilities of all sizes and types across the country, staffing remains a pressing issue, but the reasons can vary. Are you seeking locum tenens providers in anticipation of multiple requests for time off from staff due to summer or winter holidays? Do you have a clinician going out on planned, or unplanned, leave? Are you looking for new members because you’re expanding services or experiencing a wave of retirements? Knowing your facility’s unique staffing circumstances allows All Star’s consultants to devise specific solutions to meet your needs. It also helps candidates understand why they are needed at your facility and assists in developing expectations.
  • Our signature “Red Carpet” Service – At All Star, going above and beyond isn’t an occasional benefit under special circumstances, it is our everyday standard. With every interaction, we make your needs, and those of providers, our top priority and that includes presenting candidates who fit both your clinical and cultural needs.

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