Add A Locum Tenens Focus to Your Retirement Plans

Add A Locum Tenens Focus to Your Retirement Plans

Are you among the one in five physicians, according to the American Medical Association, contemplating retirement in the next few years? Have you already made the transition from full-time work to full-time retirement? Or, are you wondering how you could have the best of both worlds: caring for patients and enjoying the freedom of a flexible schedule? Locum tenens offers physicians and advanced practitioners opportunities to achieve these and many more goals in retirement.

Focus On Patients
For many physicians, NPs, PAs, and CRNAs, connecting with patients remains a primary driver of professional satisfaction throughout their careers. However, providers also assert too many hours are consumed by non-clinical duties. That shift can lead to greater chances of burning out, and numerous surveys suggest burnout has prompted larger numbers of clinicians to retire earlier than they originally anticipated. Locum tenens jobs present an avenue to dedicate more of your working hours to patient care because temporary assignments do not carry the same level of administrative commitments as staff positions. More of your on-duty time is available to connect with patients and their family members.

Focus On Making An Impact
When you accept locum tenens positions, you are making an impact on multiple levels. Not only do you expand access to care for people, you also support the permanent staff by assuming some of the caseload or being an onsite specialist with whom colleagues can consult.

Focus On Practice Style
Locums is a great option to keep your licenses and certifications current if you are new to retirement, but temporary positions also allow you to establish the type of practice you wish for at this stage of your career. Do you want to treat a specific patient population? Do you want to experience a different type of setting? Or do you like the idea of maintaining the clinical pace you had when working full time? All Star Healthcare Solutions partners with a wide range of healthcare organizations across the country for an array of assignments to help meet your objectives.

Focus On Travel
According to the AARP 2023 Travel Trends survey, 63 percent of individuals aged 50 or older who plan to travel have established a bucket list of dream destinations. Indeed, having the time and means to visit a variety of locales lands on many retirements wish lists. As a locum tenens professional, you can turn assignments into unique travel experiences by getting to know the community on a more intimate level as a temporary resident. In addition to seeing the sights, you meet more residents and learn about the city from their perspective. That said, let your All Star recruiter know about your destination bucket list so they can try to match you to locums jobs nearby.

Focus On Savings
Supplement your retirement savings with locum tenens income. In addition to covering most costs associated with travel and housing, you’ll be covered by All Star’s malpractice insurance policy while on assignment.

Focus On Schedule Choices
Perhaps one of the most appreciated benefits of a locums career is schedule flexibility. If you’re entering a semi-retirement phase or looking to occasionally step out of retirement with locum tenens, you decide how often to accept contracts.

If you’re a physician or advanced practitioner with an active license who has practiced within the past two years and wish to combine locum tenens with your retirement plans, get the process started with All Star’s Provider Portal. Our Online Services’ specialists are available to answer questions.

To find out more about locum tenens at any career stage, call All Star Healthcare Solutions at 800-928-0229, or contact us online.